icsiThe Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (EIRC of ICSI) in association with Thought Exchange Forum organised Oxford Style Debate on “COMPLIANCE: A PARADIGM SHIFT  on Saturday, the 02nd of April, 2016 at Kolkata.

CS Mamta Binani, President, ICSI and Keynote speaker in her address said that Compliance is as old as civilization and compliance of rules and regulations help organisations and businesses to maintain trust and competition in the market. She stressed on the part that Compliance is an integral part of the organisation’s governance and decision making process and organisations with good compliance practices actually help themselves by fostering growth and investor confidence. She concluded by saying that “Compliance is not a cost center, since its benefits would always be more than costs”.

While addressing the dignitaries, CS Sandip Kr Kejriwal, Chairman, EIRC of ICSI and a Keynote Speaker emphasised the role of compliance. He said  such exchange programmes can help the business  fraternity understand the importance and benefits of Compliance. Speaking at the occasion Mr Kejriwal said, Secretarial Standards laid by the Institute is a good step of compliance management and helps Companies to follow good corporate governance practices. He also made a point that timely and efficient compliance process helps in avoiding penalties and ensures good ethical practice in a corporate.

The Oxford style debate was held for the motion ‘Compliance : Benefits are more than Costs’. CS C..Radhakrishnan was the moderator of the debate. CS B.B. Chatterjee, (Executive VP & CS,ITC Ltd) and CS Sandeep Lakhotia, (Sr. VP and CS SREI Infrastructure Ltd) spoke for the motion and Mr Sanjay Jani (Managing Director,TT Ltd) and Mr Anil Buchasia, Director Amrit Exports Ltd. Spoke against the motion..