Complete Protection for Mobile Phones and Tablets

apps-daily-logoMobile Protection helps to better safeguard mobile phones and tablets

AppsDaily Solutions Private Limited, India’s leading Mobile application development and Distribution Company introduces its latest offering “Mobile Protection’.AppsDaily “Mobile Protection” is a complete security solution for Smartphones & Tablets against Theft, Damage & Virus. It consists of features like Anti-Theft, which lets the user locate their lost or stolen device through GPS tracking and by remotely monitoring the activities on the phone. Its antivirus feature lets users scan their device against harmful viruses and malicious software.  It also comes with Free Insurance which covers the customer’s mobile phone against Theft, Burglary, Physical and Liquid Damage.

Today mobile phones have evolved from being a medium of communication to being a medium of existence. With the innovation in technology and the data associated with it, people have now started living online. In such a scenario where not only a person’s Contact Numbers but also their email IDs, Photographs, Messages, WhatsApp Conversations, Bank Account Details, Travel Tickets and other such confidential information are accessible through Mobile Phones, it becomes very important to protect that phone.


“The mobile landscape has changed dramatically since AppsDaily launched in 2009. Everything has evolved, from what we do on our phones to the threats that face them,” said Arun Menon, founder and CEO of AppsDaily. Theft or loss of the mobile phone is not the only threat that is. The complex matrix of information that flows in and out of the mobile brings with it its share of problems. Malware and viruses can wreck the database turning life into a catastrophic chaos.

According to Yahoo, one out of every 5 Android application is a Malware and the number of Malwares is just increasing at an alarming rate. AppsDaily Mobile Protection automatically scans apps as users install them, blocks undesirable software that can lead to data loss and other unexpected errors. In addition to safeguarding the device from virus, it also helps locate lost and stolen mobile phones and provides a remote lock to protect personal information. It also has features like SOS (Save our Soul) for emergencies, Contacts Backup & Restore, SMS Backup & Restore, Data Privacy, Call Filter (DND), SMS Scheduler, Task Manager, Call Barring and comes with Free Theft & Damage Insurance. AppsDaily Mobile Protection has already done more than 31 million virus scans on customers phone, it has backed up from than 500 million contacts till date. The total value of phones insured by AppsDaily last year was Rs.25 billion with insurance partner ‘New India Assurance’, the largest general insurance company in India.


AppsDaily’s key strength is first-of-its-kind India-wide retail distribution network to sell Mobile Apps and Services to smart phone customers. It is Operational in 700+ cities with more than 700 distributors spread across 10,000+ outlets and more than 3 million satisfied and paid customers. AppsDaily is one of the only companies in India which is combining the latest technologies and Apps of the digital Internet.  AppsDaily had recently received an investment of over INR 100 billion from investors like Qualcomm, Zodius, Kalaari capital, Ru-net, Mumbai Angels and has won the Global Red Herring Award For Innovative companies of 2014.