CoinPlace, the First P2P ICO Tokens Trading Platform, Announced the Launch of Cryptocurrency Trading and the Start of ICO

Key cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) will become available for sale and purchase on CoinPlace platform in February 2018. Users will be able to exchange them for fiat money. Fiat currencies also can be used to buy the platform’s own tokens, CPL. Until January 31 CoinPlace tokens will be offered within the framework of Pre-ICO, and the start of the platform’s ICO is scheduled for February 20.


Planned launches of cryptocurrencies on CoinPlace

First tier: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Second tier: BTC-Cash, Dash, Tether, Litecoin.

Third tier: Ripple, EOS, Cardano.

In total, 15 cryptocurrencies are expected to be placed on the platform before the end of the year.

Tokens of other ICOs will also be quoted on the platform. CoinPlace has already received placement requests for over 10 tokens, including:

  1. Telegram ICO recently announced by Pavel Durov;
  2. Sofin — an international blockchain based platform for p2p loans.

About CoinPlace

The project was founded in April 2017. By now the platform has been launched and is in operation with over 5,000 users trading ICO tokens. Operations from other countries are available via trans-border payments: the users can purchase cryptoassets using banking instruments issued in the EU, Russia, China, UK, USA, and UAE.

The platform has successfully raised funds after a closed round of financing and received the required scope of investments during the Pre-ICO stage.

CoinPlace White Paper