Coherent Medical comes up with new Laser indications to treat skin problems, including melasma

  • coherentconducts knowledge sharing session with dermatologists on MedLite, RevLite and Reaction™ laser treatments
  • Top-notch dermatologists from India and abroad deliver training on new indications, protocols and techniques


New Delhi, Jan 18, 2015: Stubborn acne, scars, wrinkle pigmentation, melasma and unwanted tattoo imprints can have damaging effects on one’s personality in the present times when the very ‘first impression’ make a ‘lasting impression’. This is all the more true in metropolis where corporate culture is thriving and demands the workforce to look good, almost every day.


So when you are unbeatable at your job, your appearance gives your confidence yet another boost. The unblemished and glowing skin provides you an edge over many others. Are all those who have the traits born with it? Sometimes yes. Many a times, no.


For people falling in the latter category it is the technology that does wonders for them. Their superior skin traits can be attributed to advancement in technology. Over the years, cosmetic treatments have made a remarkable change in the way people look. These treatments, however, require extreme precision as any miniscule mistake can aggravate the skin problems manifold.


To train doctors in laser procedures like MediLite C6, RevLite and Reaction™, Coherent Medical Systems, one of the India’s leading organizations in the field of aesthetic dermatology, conducted a knowledge sharing session, which saw internationally-acclaimed dermatologists delivering training on new indications, protocols and techniques to the practitioners here in India. The advance laser machines launched by Coherent are effective to treat various skin problems, including melasma, in Asian population.



Over 50 dermatologists took part in the session, that was held at India Habitat Centre in the national capital. Dr Aboneal Bakus, Practicing Cilinical Dermatologist, Co-Director of Clinical Research, Chicago, USA; Mr Michael Byers, Clinical Specialist Cynosure, USA; & Dr Inna Belenky, Clinical Manager Viora, Israel told the participants about the nitty gritties of laser and Radio Frequency (RF) technology procedures, and how to get the best out of them. Apart from the global figures, eminent Indian faculties like Dr Chytra V Anand (Kosmoderma, Bangalore), Dr S C Rajendran (Bangalore), Dr Raj Kubba (Kubba Skin Clinic, Delhi), Dr Minal Patwardhan (International Delegate, Dubai) and Dr Anil Soni (Indore) shared their experiences with the participating doctors.



“MedLite C6 and RevLite procedures are Q-switched laser therapy which is used to get rid of deep pigmentation, dark spots and acne scars. While Reaction™ helps in body contouring using multi-frequency RF & multi level vaccum. Dermatologists in India have been performing MedLite C6 procedures, but RevLite and Reaction™ are the ones only a few do. Coherent is proud to announcethatit has come in the league of those who will offer services in all the three via its network of doctors. To make the doctors equipped with the technique to be able to give astounding and effective results and explore new indications for treatment, we planned the ‘knowledge sharing’ session with the doctors, outcome for which has been tremendous,” said Dilip Meswani, Managing Director, Coherent Medical Systems.   


MedLite C6 is USFDA approved laser. Living up to its reputation as the ‘workhorse’ of aesthetic lasers and with unmatched Precision Beam technology, MedLite C6  produces consistent results for reliable treatments time after time. Manufactured by Cynosure USA, MedLite C6 is the perfect solution for treating wide variety of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and sets the ‘Gold Standard’ for advance tattoo removal.


“MedLite’s homogenous beam delivers energy evenly over the skin’s surface, minimizing epidermal injury and increasing patient satisfaction. This safest, fastest and easiest–to–use laser revolutionized the way physicians think about aesthetic laser procedures. Melasma, a challenging indication to treat by medicines and other cosmetic procedures, can be treated effectively by  MedLite & RevLite Q-switched laser therapy ,” said Dr Bakus.


RevLite takes Q-Switch technology one step further with proprietary ‘Photoacoustic Technology Pulse (PTP) – a unique dispersion of energy that delivers very narrow pulse widths at peak power, for efficient removal of unwanted pigmentation. It performs non-ablative skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, and acne scar reduction, and is proven effective on dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions, including melasma.


“When it comes to skin tightening and fighting wrinkles, The ReFit treatment using the Reaction™ laser is the best. It is used effectively to tighten abdominal skin after pregnancy, or after weight loss.  In fact, a contestant from the ‘Biggest Loser’ in Israel used it successfully to tighten his abdominal skin after extreme weight loss. These treatments are safe, painless, proven and usually done in a series. The Reaction™ not only tightens and firms sagging skin, but it is effective at reducing the appearence of cellulite and can reduce inches around arms, waist or thighs,” said Dr Belenky.


Dr Bakus and Dr Belenky also launched two eminent clinics in the city that will start providing laser treatments using RevLite and Reaction™. Coherent is also following up the Delhi program next day with same faculties in Mumbai on 19 Jan at The Orchid, Mumbai.