Clairety, The First Company to Combat Fake News and Disinformation,Announces ICO and Private Pre-Sale Bonuses

March 16, 2018 — New York City — Clairety, the world’s first completely objective AI-driven rating agency to determine the credibility of social media content, has announced its Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) beginning on the 20th of March 2018. Clairety uses an artificial intelligence system to track the credibility of all social media contributors and reports it to the user based on a browser module which embeds the ratings directly into the social media content. At a time and political landscape when there is a growing frustration with the proliferation of fake news on both ends of the political aisle, along with an increasing distrust of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Clairety proposes solution that can identify bots, spam, harassment, extreme speech and a host of other ‘low value’ content.

“We believe the right way to address the issues of ‘fake news’ and media bias is to treat the marketplace of ideas like a real marketplace,” said Tom Costello, CEO of ClairetyInc. “Our AI is specifically designed to have no views of its own and to use only the views of other contributors as its sole point of comparison. We don’t tell you if a news story leans left or leans right. The only thing we tell you is how hard it’s leaning.”

Clairety has announced a private pre-sale of its ERC20 compliant RELY tokens starting on the 20th of March 2018. Currently, thirty-four million RELY tokens are being supplied at an initial rate of USD $0.50. Clairety has established its target raise at Eleven Million US Dollars, and the minimum raise at Two Million US Dollars. Those who join the token sale immediately will receive them at a discount of up to 50%. Those who contribute during the first week of the private pre-sale will receive a base bonus of 35%, in addition to contribution bonuses ranging from 5% to 15%, depending on the level of contribution made.

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About Clairety Inc.


Clairety is the world’s first completely objective AI-driven rating agency to determine the credibility of social media content. It is entirely driven with AI and an algorithm that can capture how reliable a news source is by rewarding its factual bulwark with a high score, while awarding a low score to publications that favor editorialized and sensational pieces over factual content. As the system is based entirely on an algorithm with no human interference, it is completely objective and unbiased, only gauging how far from facts a news source leans, thus positioning itself as a truly unbiased arbiter of truth and fabrications. As Clairety Inc. can capture all bots and spam content, it provides real economic value to both social media users and advertisers, while also enhancing the credibility of the crypto ecosystem by allowing traders to see who they can trust in the crypto Social Media.