Citrix to Become Red Bull Racing Innovation Partner

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citrixANAHEIM, Calif. – January 16, 2017 –  In Formula One racing, winning can be determined by a matter of milliseconds. Winning teams use the best technology available to gather real-time telemetry and analytics to gain an edge. Red Bull Racing, the Formula One racing team, is a recognized leader in its industry for leveraging cutting-edge technology for everything from vehicle design to race-day strategy.

            Already a customer of Citrix, Red Bull Racing is pushing innovation boundaries to change the course of Formula One racing, and Citrix technology is helping to make this advancement possible. Citrix announced today that the company will become a Red Bull Racing Innovation Partner, using its virtualization and networking technology to help the Red Bull Racing team collaborate around the globe, put the most cutting-edge cars on the track, and execute the most strategic race-day strategy.

            Citrix believes in this opportunity to create a broad partnership with a like-minded organization that will not only elevate the company’s brand with prominent logo placement on the racing cars and gear, but will also deliver a more holistic partnership opportunity, including technical collaboration and onsite technology showcases that demonstrate how Citrix solutions are used to make Red Bull Racing more competitive on the track. Citrix believes in the longevity of this partnership as it aligns with a company that shares the same innovative spirit and winning culture for a worldwide audience.

            Today at Citrix Summit, the company’s annual sales and partner conference, Red Bull Racing announced the Innovation Partnership during the opening keynote to demonstrate the significance of this broad partnership to an audience of 4,000 channel partners and sales team employees from around the world.

            Since 2007, Red Bull Racing has led with Citrix solutions that have been used to change the way the team works by improving business and track performance. Citrix XenDesktop makes it possible for graphically-intensive engineering data to be viewed and manipulated at remote locations.  This enables engineers across multiple cities to collaborate in real time in order to improve decision making, which directly translates into improved track performance. Citrix NetScaler is used to directly connect third-party suppliers to Red Bull Racing applications in a high-quality, secure manner, enabling access to quality management systems in order to manage issues with car components. With this partnership, Citrix and Red Bull Racing are laser-focused on new, innovative technology integrations that will benefit the world of Formula One racing.

           The relationship with Citrix provides the Team with greater agility, enabling our engineers to work more effectively wherever they are in the world. Being able to innovate and react quickly to change is a crucial element of Formula One racing, and we see this extended relationship with Citrix as an opportunity to further support our engineers in developing greater car performance.

– Christian Horner

Team Principal

Red Bull Racing

I am very pleased to be extending our relationship with Citrix today in announcing this Innovation Partnership. Citrix and Red Bull Racing are two brands that both believe in transformation through innovation. Our achievements as partners has been proven over the years with successful technology implementations, and I look forward to sharing our story with a worldwide audience.

– Matt Cadieux

Chief Information Officer

Red Bull Racing

Citrix and Red Bull Racing are two global brands that share a belief in high-quality performance and innovation. Being able to get that innovative and tech advantage is the difference between being on the podium or looking up at the other teams. We have provided leading technology to Red Bull Racing for ten years, and now we are taking this relationship to the next level.

– Kirill Tatarinov

President and Chief Executive Officer


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