Care24 ventures into the Mother and Infant care segment

care24Aims to provide the best of services for pregnant women, new mothers and infants

Mumbai, 4th May, 2016:Care24, Mumbai’s fastest growing home healthcare service provider, has announced the launch of its Mother and Infant care segment. The company is already proficient in areas such as physiotherapy, nursing and attendants, and will now be facilitating services and consulting in this new segment as well. The decision was taken after studying several severe cases in infants and the lack of knowledge in new parents regarding post-partum childcare.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a vital part of a person’s life and both the child and mother require extreme care during these critical phases. Care24 plans to enable services such as pregnancy and infant care, periodic monitoring of mother and child, nursing care and guidance regarding vaccination schedule of the baby, lactation advice and nutritional guidance. The services also include sleep management counselling and post-partum depression counselling to make dealing with such issues easier.

About 15% of new mothers suffer from Post-Partum Mood Disorders (PPMDs), including Post-Partum Depression (PPD). Professional counselling helps prevent such situations by providing post-delivery care and assistance to ensure good health for both the mother and child. With this in mind, Care24 will provide three specialised packages for the antenatal (pre-pregnancy), prenatal (during pregnancy) and postnatal (post-pregnancy) stages.

All the nurses that the company employs hold more than five years of experience. A specialised 2-week course has also been integrated to train the nurses for infant care and pregnancy, nutrition care, feeding methods and other errands such as the sterilising of a spoon, bowl and milk bottles. Babies face common health problems until six months of age; it is their growth and development milestone. The nurses also provide Infant First Aid and Basic life support.

Care24 provides three packages with the period of one month, six months and one year. The families can choose between different durations ranging from 4 to 24 hours, depending on the requirement of the household. The packages also include bathing and massage for the baby.

Talking about this new venture, Mr Vipin Pathak, Co-Founder and CEO, Care24, said, “New-age parents nowadays have to face a lot of challenges and undergo a lot of stress and problems before and after childbirth. Due to the nuclear family system and the absence of elders in the family, young mothers lack the proper knowledge and experience to take the right measures towards healthy parenthood. Many parents turn online to look for parenting tips and suggestions. At Care24, we aim to provide practical aid which will help new mothers to understand the nuances of childcare.”

He further added, “There has been a gradual growth of about 20% in the demand for pregnancy and infant care since the past year. We launched the segment at the beginning of 2016 looking at this requirement.”

The future of home pregnancy and baby care looks promising and is growing due to the increase in the trend to opt for late pregnancy, especially in the metropolitan areas.

Late pregnancy often leads to many complications and children too are vulnerable to various deficiency and defects. Care24 helps understand these concerns and mitigate the complexities with right precautions and healthcare, pre and post pregnancy. Along with the launch of this segment and the occasion of Mother’s Day on 8 May 2016, Care24 has launched a photo-sharing contest on Facebook.

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