Carbon tax repeal will stimulate business and economic growth: ACCI

australianchamberThe Australian business community will breathe a sigh of relief that the carbon tax has finally been repealed.

 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s CEO, Kate Carnell said: “The carbon tax was a dead weight on the Australian economy and abolishing it is a win for consumers, a win for energy users and a win for business.”

“Australia’s carbon tax was one of the highest in the world, making our key industries less competitive and providing very little by way of environmental benefit.”

“Abolishing the carbon tax should help to stimulate business and economic growth and help restore all-important investment confidence.”

ACCI congratulates the Abbott Government for keeping its word with the Australian people. ACCI also congratulates ALL the senators who respected the wishes of the Australian people and honoured the Liberal National Party’s unequivocal mandate to repeal the carbon tax.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has opposed the carbon tax from the outset, consistently raising concerns about the cost it imposed on business and households when our trading partners were not taking similar action.

“Business confidence will rise off the back of this decision; people will think some common-sense has returned to the political process–the elected government actually delivered what it promised.