Buying condom made easy!

Condoms are in vogue for the past 400 years and till date it remains to be the most convenient and most popular methods of contraception in the world. There are number of condom brands available in the country.


But still, buying condoms from a store remains a nightmarish experience for men across the country, though they have no issues about using the rubber for pleasure and safety. Stories of men travelling to 5 kilometres or more to buy condoms are known to all of us, because they don’t want people in the neighbourhood to brand them as ‘baddy’. Questions about embarrassment are regularly being discussed in personal columns in magazines by sexologists.

Whatever said and done, embarrassment is still a big issue for many people in India.

But now, there is a convenient way to buy condoms without having to feel embarrassed about. Yes! Any brand, any quantity at any time without having to disclose your identity.

Yes! offers an ideal platform to shop, order and receive condoms at your doorstep. One can order any brand, any variety and any quantity at the click of a mouse. – Embarrassment-free platform for buying condoms

The online condom store sells almost all brands of condoms and all varieties of condoms available in India. This navigation-friendly website allows the user to look at all available brands conveniently and order the one he/she requires without having to disclose any personal information except mailing address

What is the need for this website?

A recent nationwide survey by USAID among sexually active men confirms that most important barrier to using condoms is the embarrassment of buying it from store. Condoms offer the most convenient way to have safe sex. Incidence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is high in India partly due to lack of knowledge about condoms and partly due to the inhibition to buy condoms. Condoms are also used to get that extra pleasure during sex.

The site bridges the gap and offers an amazing solution to this big problem. The site offers an easy access to the world of condoms and offers them an opportunity to buy condoms if required. The complete discreetness in ordering, transaction and shipping encourages Indian youth to try condoms when they want safe sex and extra pleasure during sex. In a way, the site indirectly helps in promoting safe sex among Indian men and women.

The site also assumes greater significance in today’s scenario where the proliferation of internet and mobile devices offer an overdose of sexual and porn content even to children. The site has a greater role to do in the days to come.



What is the core objective of this online bazaar?

The primary objective of the site is to habituate Indian men and women to try condoms for safe sex and for getting extra pleasure during the love making. The site is not only intended to educate and create awareness about condom usage, but also to offer a convenient and privacy-assured platform to explore and buy condoms without any hassle.

Condoms are a blessing-in-disguise and one of the greatest innovations that helps humans across the world. Condoms can be effectively used for birth control, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and for offering an inexpensive and easy to use solution to have safe sex. Special variants of condoms are available to get extra pleasure during sex.

What is the biggest problem it solves?

Embarrassment of buying condoms is completely avoided. Condom buying is made absolutely comfortable and 100% privacy is assured.

How it works?

– operates like any other bazaar where the user can buy any condom and any variety of his or her choice.

–          He/she can then place an order with required quantity and shipping address. There is no other need to disclose any personal information like name, age etc., The site ensures 100% privacy and the platform is completely secured.

–          The payment can be made online and the word ‘condom’ will never reflect in credit card / net banking statements.

–          Condoms will be delivered in discreet cover. No one can identify that condoms are inside unless the pack is completely opened.

–          It provides an absolutely safe and hassle-free platform to buy condoms


What’s so special about condombazaar?

–          Stocks almost all range of condoms and varieties available in India. Exhaustive list of various brands of condoms and varieties.

–          Has been in business since 2009. There are scores of fly-by-night online condom store, which mushroomed and vanished quickly

–          First one to develop the concept of ‘concealed shipping’ for delivering condoms using regular couriers.

–          Completely concealed shipping – Shipped in tamper-proof opaque cover. No mention about the content of the package, no delivery slip, no invoice. Only the buyer will know what is inside.

–          Maintains a working arrangement with highly reliable and professional courier service providers like Fedex and Bluedart.

–          Delivered around millions of pieces of condoms since its inception. Thousands of people have trusted and continue to trust and recommend our concealed shipping of condoms since 2009.

–          The site indirectly habituates one to condoms by offering pack sizes not less than 40 pcs per order. Having sufficient stock will tend the user to use it as often as possible.

–          Ensures fresh stocks with long expiry dates. The site is able to negotiate better with condom companies because of high turnover of condom sales.

–          Guarantees 100% privacy – there is no mention of the word ‘condom’ in credit card / bank statement. Only the company name will appear in the statement.

–          The site educates the people about condom usage and sexual wellness. Sections like condom reviews help people make informed choices while buying condoms.

Some interesting Stats about condom market

–          The retail Indian market is pegged at 1968 millions in volume and Rs.860 Cr. in value, as per Nielsen 2013-14. The commercial segment contributed 40% in Volume and 72 percent in value in fy 2007-08 has grown to 58% and 87% in volume and Value respectively in fy 2013-14.

–          If it’s a big surprise that the per capita consumption of condoms in the West stands at just three or four, it’s even more surprising that the figure stands at just 0.5 for India. It should be higher than in the West as India has a large mass of young people compared to Europe’s ageing populations

–          Condom brands available in the country Manforce, Moods, Kohinoor, Kamasutra, Skore, Durex, XXX from DKT, Okamoto. Types of condoms available Dotted, Ribbed, Ultra thin, Multi textured, Colored, Scented, Flavored (Apple, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Bubble gum, Butterscotch, Banana, Orange, Black Grapes, Coffee, Green Apple),  Delay condoms etc.

–          Do you know that there are cooling and warming sensation condoms available? You get it all from condombazaar.

–          Ultra thins are available for couples who doesn’t want to feel that they are using condoms at all.

–          For heightened sensation or to get Extra Pleasure, you get ribbed, dotted, double lubricated and extra smooth variants.

–          Female condoms are also available at Condom Bazaar

What are you waiting for?

Having read about condombazaar thoroughly, we know you are tempted to visit the site and explore some key information about sexual wellness. We request you to recommend the site to all your friends whether they want to use condoms now or later.

Just spread the word. It can help.  Knowing that condoms can be bought without any embarrassment itself can boost many Indian men and women to try condombazaar and enjoy safe sex.