Bulletproof Inbox: Tips from ESET to stay safe and sane on email


ESET,  a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, have provided security tips for all e-mail users to stay safe and sane on ESET. ESET also conveys cybercriminals cleverly target emails to penetrate into corporate networks and use one’s information to convince people they are legitimate.

  • Look closely at the bait
  • Check the link that you are supposed to click by hovering your mouse over it to display a pop-up message with the real link in it.
  • Check the address and spelling. If any alarm bells start to ring, don’t click.
  • Invoices, wedding invitations, tax returns – cybercriminals use them all 
  • Always think before opening ANY attachment – even ones that seem to come from friends.
  • Be extra careful around shortened URLs
  • One need not to think that URL shortening services like bit.ly and TinyURL are redirecting you to trustworthy web sites.
  • Telephone numbers aren’t a guarantee an email is real
  • Do not trust professional-looking emails where there is a phone contact number
  • The number may well work, but you will be connected to a scammer instead of the company.
  • Don’t spam yourself 
  • Always be careful when filling out internet forms – especially around boxes saying, “I want to receive information.”
  • Don’t have an obvious recovery question
  • Questions such as your first school may be easy for a criminal to guess
  • Make your own questions for the recovery of your account 
  • Worried? Watch who’s logging in
  • On Google Mail, scroll down to the bottom right of the PC screen, and you can see a list of what devices and apps have accessed your account and when. If in doubt, log all of them out and change your password.
  • Don’t publish your email address
  • Don’t auto-load images
  • Changed job? Change your recovery email address
  • Don’t store sensitive details in your “Sent” folder