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10th July 2013: At a time when every entrepreneur is attempting to race ahead but facing breakneck competition, grabbing eyeballs becomes a major concern of any new business to grow.

And while corporate and public relations companies offer solutions that may seem attractive and open new avenues through media publicity, some entrepreneurs may find themselves unable to afford these.

In a venture that will help the entrepreneur overcome these initial difficulties comes the innovative suit-your-pocket plan which allows entrepreneurs to adopt media packages that can be tailored according to the budgets of the entrepreneur.

The credit for this innovative marketing strategy goes to young public relations professional Ankit Nagpal through the website ‘’ (BYB).

With high costs involved in promoting new businesses using mediums like Media and Press becoming a perpetual issue, sustaining the pace of promotional activities is yet another effort that demands huge expenditure.

BYB is an exclusive website that ensures that new business ventures consistently reach the eyes and ears of the correct audience. BYB is an online exhibition arena that gives your business a web-based space to grow.

Designed exclusively for catering to the advertising needs of young and new entrepreneurs, this website requires less than half the cost of arranging regular branding activities for your business normally undertaken by professional image building bodies. It also provides an unlimited duration, varying from a month to a year of online space, to display one’s products. The online arena is one of the most booming industries and assures unlimited footfall that helps in providing public visibility to any business.

The website is a product of extensive research that lasted for a year. Keeping in mind the nitty-gritty of present day’s customers, the website has been made extremely user-friendly. It has been designed innovatively with various categories like Fashion, Food, Books, Music, etc to ensure proper placing of the brand. offers three packages. These are the Awareness Pack, Impact Pack, and Power Pack. As the names suggest, these have been created according to the numerous needs of the customers.

The most useful package is the Power Package in which a slider on a single click takes the user to the details of the brand!

One of the significant reasons of BYB being a superlative way to promote a venture is the presence of most sought-after media and social connections.

Whether one is into the apparel industry, fashion, the visual and still arts, planning an event, going into film and television production, exhibitions, or anything else under the sun, BYB offers solutions that will suit all pockets.

Ankit Nagpal, who conceptualised BYB, is a successful veteran in the field of Advertising and PR. Effectively running his own Advertising and PR firm ‘Bang on Target’ located in Defence Colony, Ankit has made and maintained top media and socially-active domestic and global clients. By using his exhaustive database of socialites and media persons, Ankit promises to promote any business like never before through BYB!

With growing reliance on the internet and the social media as a powerful medium of expression, BYB promises to consistently ensure that any business achieves premium and wide-spread branding and exposure.

The easiest way to start on a new entrepreneurial journey is to have a reliable partner who will help along the way in reaching the correct media and public reach. And if this comes at a cost one can afford, no entrepreneur should forget to register with the site