Bhushan Steel and SMS Siemag have commissioned India’s longest continuous slab caster

Bhushan Steel Ltd., India, has successfully commissioned  the second single-strand continuous slab caster supplied by SMS Siemag, Germany.

The high-capacity continuous caster comprising 19 segments and having a metallurgical length of 42.1 m currently is the longest continuous caster in India. It is designed for the production of high-quality slabs from sophisticated steel grades with a thickness of 230 mm and a maximum width of 1,680 mm.

The scope of supply of the continuous caster comprises the entire plant, process and automation technology. It is equipped with several ISC modules (Intelligent Slab Casting) which determine quality and production. The hydraulically operated resonance oscillator and the remote-controlled mold narrow faces for width change during casting allow the casting width to be altered as required between 800 and 1,680 mm during operation. Dynamic Soft Reduction and the variable Spot Cooling as well as the width-dependent air-mist secondary cooling system and the technological process model Dynamic Soildification Control ensure the production of slabs with a high inner quality.

The scope of supply for the vertical bending plant comprises the mechanical equipment, the X-Pact electrical and automation systems including level 2, as well as the supervision of erection and commissioning.

For the customer Bhushan Steel, SMS Siemag has already erected a CONARC steelmaking plant, two continuous slab casters and a downstream hot rolling mill at the company’s Meramandali works. Commissioning of these plants has already been completed successfully. The commissioning of the BOF shop and another continuous slab caster are planned for 2012/2013.

 Bhushan Steel produces quality steel for the automotive industry and sophisticated pipe grades for the Indian and international markets.