Bhopal Christian Prayer for peace, progress and unity of India

Bhopal, 5th Oct 2015:

 Bhopal Christian Prayer for peace, progress and unity of India. The prayer service began with praise and worship followed by the lightning of the lamp and national anthem there were many MLA’s and MP were present along with police officers.

 Father Maria Stephen, the PRO welcomed everyone present and Fr. Jose Prakash the coordinator spoke of the purpose and the meaning of the gathering and invited everyone to be present in true spirit throughout the prayer service.


Dr. Leo Cornelio ,  Archbishop of Bhopal extended his greetings and best wishes for a guest gathering and asked everyone to come forward to build better India. During the prayer service different priests, pastors and laity prayed for the constitution and President, judiciary, prime minister and ministers of central government, chief minister and his cabinet, warriors, youth and children, election commission and media etc.

The choir created prayerful atmosphere through melodious singing. Pastor Shibu Thomas thanked everyone for their graceful presence. Later all the people held their hands together to sing ‘Bind us together o Lord’ to express unity and solidarity with millions of people who die of hunger and lack of love. The entire prayer service was organized by the UCPI, PR Office and commission for Dialogue and Ecumenism.