Everything you always wanted to know about CAT & GMAT but were afraid to ask … BESC

  • BESC pits CAT against GMAT to provide a rare insight to students about their respective efficacy

Sujay Kumar Dutta is an IIT alumnus. But that is not his claim to fame. He is also one with more than a decade’s experience as a trainer who has been helping students successfully negotiate the CAT. But that too is not what sets him apart. His real claim to fame – what gives him an almost cult status in the student fraternity – lies in the fact that he has been successfully clearing CAT consecutively for the last five years, that too in the near impossible 99 + percentile.

Mukul Mehta is a B.Tech – an expert in Maths, DI and Quant who has been mentoring students to cross the bar of GMAT and SAT. His fame as the tilting factor, too, precedes him, as was evident by the huge turnout of students – 250 plus by a conservative estimate – at the 6th floor auditorium of the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC). That too, during the summer vacation and with the mercury soaring to unbearable highs.

The event was a Seminar: CAT & GMAT that not only sought to debunk widely held myths but also show students ways and means of maxing them out. Naturally, in keeping with the practice of BESC, the most revered names from the respective domains – Sujay Kumar Dutta and Mukul Mehta included – were brought together for the students to interact with, so that all their queries could be addressed by those in the know. Both the speakers made presentations in which they took the audience through the rudiments before taking questions from the floor and comprehensively addressing the concerns of BE-ites.

The seminar was also addressed by Puneet Raman, Founder-Director of Prowisdom Growth, an entity that is actively engaged in expanding the horizons of higher education and empowering students to maximize their potentials. An excellent speaker, he was no stranger to the students of BESC, having mesmerized them with his thoughts and characteristic élan earlier as well.

The event platform was also used by BESC to communicate to the students about Career Connect – six certificate courses that are ready to be unveiled by the Institution for the benefit of the students. Registration Kiosks were set up for CFP, ACCA, Commerce+, Capital Market, Cyber Security and Corporate Communications, which were manned by the respective Course Conductors with whom interested students could not only interact first-hand, but could also register themselves for enrollment. These highly relevant, short term certificate / diploma / professional courses in the fields of finance, skill development and communication have been created by BESC to address the needs of the industry and are aimed at empowering students, as they integrate themselves into productive pursuits. Going by the sheer number of registrations that were filled in on the spot, the efficacy of the Career Connect initiative of BESC in general and that of the courses in particular, was firmly reiterated.

Prof Dilip Shah, Dean of Student Affairs of BESC thanked the speakers for answering the call of BESC to address issues that concern the students and urged the students to utilize the opportunities being provided by the Institution to further hone their search for excellence. He also introduced representatives of all the associate institutions and individuals who are collaborating with BESC to offer the various Career Connect courses, explain their USP’s and spelling out in detail the reasons why students should take them up.

“Calling BESC proactive is putting things mildly” said Puneet Raman, “what fascinates me about the Institution is the sheer amount of energy that BESC thrives with. The Dean is a weapon of mass creation, whose positive vibe rubs on to successive batches of students making every visit to the campus a pleasure, an experience to cherish.”

For More Information about the Career Connect Courses contact the Dean’s Office or visit the website:


(Saakshi Shaw is doing graduation in English (Hons) in the Bhawanipr Education Society College (BESC) and is the Content Coordinator of Expressions – the communication collective of BESC.  

Creating content – hard hitting words with soul-connectivity, is her passion and she wants to curve out her distinct niche in the field in the years to come. While journalism is where she dreams of wining her laurels, she is equally keen about Corporate Communications and is fascinated by the way the boundaries are getting blurred as everything goes social and gets connected.   

She is also the content manager of a Photography Association – Picture Perfect Moments – where she is working to develop her unique style of stringing images with words: a verbal and visual montage of emotions, as she puts it.)