The Bengal Chamber’s Deceased Donor Programme – Cadaver Daan

26th November , Kolkata:

Today The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries organized a Deceased Donor programme- CADAVAR DAAN at the Chamber Premises.


India and the world are carrying a huge disease burden in the way of Organ failure. This disease is fraught with morbidities for a life time. Patients suffer physically, mentally and of course economically.

 One of the most effective methods of therapy is transplantation of the kidney. However, there is a huge crisis of healthy donors. We need to become aware of the immense need for voluntary Organ Donation. Live related donation gives excellent results.

 But in the absence of live related donors unethical business is flourishing in the way of unrelated donors who are doing it for money. Under these circumstances the most promising way forward is Cadaveric Transplantation.

 Cadaveric Transplantation is when an organ or tissue is transplanted from a deceased or usually unrelated donor. That is possible when a patient is brain dead and the family decides to donate the persons organs or the family of an accident victim donates the organs.

 While India has woken up to the possibility of Cadaveric Organ Donation to save lives, West Bengal is also taking steps to ensure that there can be a structured approach.


The Bengal Chamber of Commerce has taken up this challenge to spread awareness and catalyze mechanisms by which this very useful concept can serve its purpose.

On the 26th November, 2016 all right-thinking people, who believe in the virtues of Organ Transplantation, were gathered together to host the programme called the Cadaver Daan.

The inaugural address was given by  Mr. Sutanu Ghosh (President, The Bengal Chamber of commerce and industries).

The eminent speakers of the programme were Dr. Amit Ghose (Chairperson Emeritus-Health Committee, BCC&I and Consultant Urologist, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata) who was also the moderator of the programme, Dr. Sunil Shroff (Senior Consultant Urologist,Transplant Surgeon & Managing Trustee MOHAN Foundation), Dr. Arindam Chanda (Chairperson-Health Committee,BCC&I,COO,GD Hospital & Diabities Institute) Dr. V V Lakshminarayan(Chief Nephrologist,Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata), Dr. Aditi Kishore Sarkar ,Addl DHS (Admin), Govt. of WB, among others.

On behalf of Bengal Chamber the personalities who offered to donate their  organs are- Mr R.N. Lahiri (Chairperson Emeritus,IT Committee,BCCI), Mr. Radhakrishnan (Past president,BCC&I),Mr. Dipak Dutta (Member,BCC&I), Mr. Arun Kr. Mukherjee (Chairperson of energy & environment committee,BCC&I),Mr. Shubhodip Ghosh (Director General,BCC&I) and Dr. Amit Ghose(Chairperson Emeritus -Health Committee,BCC&I).