Beneath The Surface and SRK’s interview on Film Companion Channel

shah-rukh-khan759Shah Rukh Khan, whose career of 28 years has seen him charm the audience, first as an anti-hero and then as the undisputed King of Romance, celebrates his 51st birthday today. This day is no less than a celebration in itself. The occasion gives his innumerable fans another reason to celebrate the milestones that he has achieved. From Whatsapp statuses to Facebook cover photos, Shah Rukh fans find their own little ways of celebrating the life of Bollywood’s most beloved celebrity.


On this special day, Microsoft India in collaboration with Film Companion has released the new episode of Beneath the Surface series featuring Bollywood’s most versatile actor – Shah Rukh Khan. In a special interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, Shah Rukh will give the fans a glimpse of his ‘beneath the Surface’ life from how he intends to explain his fame to little AbRam to talking about his looks and how he finds emojis too “un-macho”.


Check out the full part interview series here –


Beneath The Surface | Shah Rukh Khan – Part 1


Beneath The Surface | Shah Rukh Khan – Part 2


Microsoft India’s digital content creation initiative titled ‘Beneath the Surface’ is a digital show hosted by popular film journalist and critic Anupama Chopra. The three part series features some of the most popular celebrities of the Indian film industry – Priyanka Chopra, Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan – and goes beneath the surface to give viewers an insight into the ‘craft of the master’ and lets them in on what a day in the life of Bollywood’s more powerful stars looks like.