Being #1 with TIMES NOW:

timesnetworkTIMES NOW celebrated its leadership in the English news Category by constructing a 20ft high installation of figure “1” at Goa Fest 2015. The structure symbolized the unparalleled stature of TIMES NOW as an undisputed leader and most watched news channel for the past 7 years in the country. It also marked the channel’s dominance in the News space by being #1 for 100weeks in a row, a feat unheard of by any other English news channel in the country.


People at the fest were invited to climb atop the installation and soak in the picturesque 360-degree view of the festival and be a part of the of the unstoppable ‘1’ march of TIMES NOW by clicking memorable pictures with the selfie sticks provide by the channel.





  1. Lage Raho – ET NOW Bull Simulator activity

A thrilling sport where riders get on a crazy ET NOW branded bull and attempted to stay mounted while the animal attempted to buck them off. The participants who managed to stay on the Bull for more than 20 secs were gratified by ET NOW Magnets and the ones who managed to tame the mighty bull for more than 30 secs won themselves a ET NOW Laptop Bag. There was also a leader board at the zone to capture the top 10 participants.


The activity was hugely appreciated and received an overwhelming response where enthusiasts got on to the bull & challenged each other to feature on the leader board.


  1. Bada Socho – The ET NOW Money Tree

You would have heard of money growing on trees, but your one grand money making idea could make it happen, ET NOW made that happen. A strikingly attractive tree was installed in the pre-function area & the entries, shared on bills, were put up on the tree to give it the look of a majestic money tree. The ET NOW tree activity was an engaging one where participants got an opportunity to grow their money with their unique ideas on how they would grow their money in the fastest & profitable way. Each day 5 lucky winners were selected who won Rs. 2000/- each. The activity received a grand response as participants put on their thinking hats and came up with a mind blowing, yet wacky, idea on how they would maximize their money within 8 hrs.





  1. Money Blower Booth:

We had created an installation that blew special Wolf Of Wall street money in the air through a blower. Participants had to catch as much money as they can. Winners with maximum amount of notes won MN merchandise


  1. Money Girls:

2 pretty girls were wrapped in wads of dollars a photo opportunity was created. Many participants clicked pictures with our million dollar girls. They were given both soft and hard copy images in a branded photo jacket that said I Partied like A Wolf At Goa Fest.