BASELWORLD 2013 ready to go


After more than two years’ preparation, BASELWORLD 2013 is ready to go, with the new show concept now in place. The World Watch and Jewellery Show will thus move into a new era on April 25, 2013, as announced. Under the motto BRILLIANCE MEETS, ideas and innovations, brands and players and also products and novelties will converge on BASELWORLD to form the unique focal point of the global watch and jewellery industry.

The exceptional amount of preparatory work involved in BASELWORLD 2013 dwarfs everything that has gone before. In an endeavour to satisfy all the needs and aspirations of the full range of exhibiting companies, the show management has conducted countless discussions over the past two years. All exhibitors are to be provided with an appropriate platform for successfully conducting business at the new-style BASELWORLD 2013. The decisive factor here is the newly configured show layout, which permits the biggest concentration of key brands anywhere in the world.

Overlap of the sectors ideally reflected

The watch and jewellery brands have increasingly grown together over the past few years. The separation of these sectors in the past and their allocation to different buildings has now been revised, since it no longer reflects the actual situation on the market. The new show layout depicts this overlap in an ideal manner. At BASELWORLD 2013, Hall 1 will accommodate the watch and jewellery brands that are of worldwide significance and have a global reach. In Hall 2, the brands that are internationally active in the watch and jewellery industry will be positioned.

The exhibitors of diamonds, precious stones and pearls will be presenting their products in their own ‘Stones and Pearls’ section in Hall 3. This hall too has a completely new layout, suitably aligned to the needs of the exhibiting companies. The representatives of the machinery and supplier industry are located in Hall 4.U. Building 4 additionally houses the National Pavilions where individual countries will be staging their displays.


With BRILLIANCE MEETS, the World Watch and Jewellery Show BASELWORLD is setting out to define its function, namely of providing the industry with a brilliant setting. Only in Basel are the brands put under a unique global spotlight. It is here that the entire spectrum of what is on offer is presented each year in its wide range and complete depth. The innovations and trends radiate out from Basel into the entire world, via both the media and the specialist trade.