Bangalore startup Stelae Technologies announce partnership with Netherlands based Satsearch to build the first global search engine for Aerospace

Satsearch and Stelae Technologies have teamed up to build the first global search engine serving the aerospace industry, leveraging unique software and expertise to deliver next-generation engineering tools to support the development of complex aerospace systems.

10th May 2018


Delft, The Netherlands & Bangalore, India: To be able to drive design choices and develop systems, Aerospace engineers have to understand what’s available on the market. Figuring this out is an arduous task that often involves “Googling” for products, scouring supplier websites, and trying to extract information from highly unstructured datasheets. Not only does this lead to a colossal waste of precious engineering man-hours, it also renders it virtually impossible for engineers to be sure that they have picked the right products.

Satsearch delivers a solution to this problem for the space industry, by indexing the global space supply chain and delivering information to engineers through a parametric search engine. With the largest public database of space products and services available through satsearch, engineers from all over the world already utilize the website to track down the right solutions offered on the space market. By streamlining the search process, satsearch is enabling engineers to focus on design trade-offs rather than the problem of navigating the global supply chain.

Stelae Technologies’ software Khemeia will be a vital element of this platform, enabling automated transformation of datasheets in PDF, Word and other document formats to structured and indexable output formats to inject into the satsearch data lake.

The satsearch search engine, built on a knowledge base powered by Khemeia

Satsearch’s technology stack employs state-of-the-art tools and methods for ontology generation, knowledge base population, and semantic search. Together with Stelae Technologies, satsearch will deploy this technology stack within the space industry and in other aerospace sectors. Intelligent decision support tools derived from this collaboration will enable engineers to rapidly iterate through design concepts, quantify design sensitivity and robustness, and understand the impact of design trade-offs on complex systems of systems.

Satsearch and Stelae Technologies are poised to lay the foundation for enterprises to power innovation through Data-Driven Design (D3). Full digitalization of engineering and procurement enables next-generation tools to be developed that assist enterprises through all phases of the business lifecycle. The future of engineering rests on enterprises being able to manage complexity and risk, whilst robustly evaluating emerging products and technologies. Both satsearch and Stelae Technologies are committed to drive this change in the aerospace industry.

About Satsearch

Satsearch aims to capture the entire landscape of the space sector by building a comprehensive, independent and up-to-date search engine that indexes all the products and services within the global industry.

The satsearch platform provides users with parametric search capabilities, enabling complex data querying and visualization, in support of engineering, procurement, business development, and market analysis. Satsearch’s search engine open up the opportunity to build intelligent tools to support complex engineering using the latest.

Satsearch’s technology stack can be applied to non-space sectors, offering a scalable solution that captures supply chain and design data to enterprises that manage complex engineering processes.

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About Stelae Technologies

Stelae Technologies is an innovative software company that has won multiple awards (IBM Global Entrepreneur winner for India & APAC, CIO Asia Magazine Top 20 Product Companies, Nasscom’s Emerge 10 companies) and more recently, UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Program (2015) and London & Partner’s India Emerging 20 in 2016. Stelae Technologies was selected to the Airbus Bizlab in January 2017.

The software Khemeia™ transforms documents  (PDF, Word, RTF, OCR – Optical Character Recognition) into structured, searchable, analyzable and  reusable outputs like XML, Json, Excel, S1000d – a mandatory standard for the Defence sector, ATA – for commercial aviation, DITA, etc..

Currently a manual or semi-automated process using scripts like Python, Khemeia™ is a game changer automating this process. It is similar to the history of the emergence of Enterprise class OCR software, which gradually replaced a manual operation of converting images to text.