‘Astonishing creations with versatile and precious platinum’

Winner of the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year by Retail Jeweller Awards


2nd December, 2013: At the recently concluded Retail Jeweller Awards 2013, ORRA added another jewel to its crown by winning the “Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year Award”. ORRA’s award winning platinum design is the first of its kind that used the art of paper quilling in jewellery design form. This marvelous piece aptly titled the ‘Sands of Time’ nurtured in precious and timeless platinum highlights the metal’s remarkable pliability to craft a wondrous piece in jewellery. Inspired by the beautiful creation of nature – the sand dunes, this inventive platinum bracelet looks like a sea of sand with sparkling water flowing in between in the form of diamonds.

The choice of metal enables the creation of a meticulous design pattern using the quilling technique to represent the sand dunes, an art form, which has never been captured in metal before and has only been used in paper art or plastic form. The platinum French bangle has different diamond shapes in prong setting in between rows of fine quilling on either side. The design theme is an exotic blend of the ancient and modern world with much refinement and reconstruction. The piece captures textures in a contemporary way, while maintaining the classic edge of platinum.

Platinum is versatile, with remarkable qualities that have led to astonishing creations. From Fabergé to Cartier, the world’s greatest jewellery designers have always preferred working with platinum. Its remarkable pliability allows it to be drawn out to a fine wire, and enables the creation of the most complex and breath-taking designs.

Adding to the glory, Mr. Vijay Jain, CEO, ORRA says, “This recognition of the ‘2013 Best Platinum Design Award’ for a breathtaking platinum creation, brings further accolades for the brand and yet again proves that innovation and craftsmanship is the key to success. The elegant platinum French bangle is a perfect paradigm of platinum’s remarkable qualities. Working with an eternal and versatile metal like platinum, allows craftsmen to explore innovative design themes, making the metal an ideal choice for jewelers. ORRA pieces are carefully monitored to ensure that the final outcome is a blend of design perfection and highly skilled craftsmanship and we cater to today’s consumer with our contemporary jewellery designs.”

About ORRA- Impossible to hide


Jewellery buying isn’t just about a purchase any longer; it’s about a complete experience, replete with stunning jewellery and the ideal shopping ambience.  ORRA one of India’s leading jewellery brands with 35 exclusive boutiques across 26 cities offers the customer just that. Having been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with 5 global design centres in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Mumbai and New York, ORRA gives its Indian patrons an opportunity to experience a premium international buying experience.

Banking on its rich Belgian diamond legacy, ORRA made its foray in the branded jewellery segment as an exclusive diamond brand, but taking into account the demand of the customers and the requirement of the market, most of its stores now offer a range of designs in not just diamonds and platinum but 22kt BIS Hallmarked gold as well.  Given the steady flow of customers, who seek not just branded diamond jewellery, but have now moved on to branded gold jewellery as well; ORRA is now looking to move to the next level of being a full service branded jeweller across its stores. With a repertoire of having designed for Hollywood, Bollywod and Royalty, ORRA offers some fashionable designs.

ORRA has been a recipient of various national awards having been adjudged the Most Innovative Jeweller, the Best Retail Jewellery Chain and most recently won the Platinum Jewellery of the Year Award 2013 and has been voted as one of the “Top 3 most trusted jewellery brands” in the country in the Brand Trust Report 2012 and 2013. For those who believe in shopping for jewellery in style, ORRA’s boutique is the perfect destination. ORRA’s jewellery makes it impossible to hide, even when you’re in a large crowd, you will manage to stand out from the rest.