Avi Paz succeeds Eli Izhakoff as president of WDC

Avi PazRAMAT GAN, ISRAEL: JULY 2, 2013 – Avi Paz has succeeded Eli Izhakoff as President of the World Diamond Council, which is the body charged with leading the diamond and jewelry industry’s campaign to end the trade in conflict diamonds.

Mr. Paz, who was First Vice President of the WDC, assumed the position of President after Mr. Izhakoff’s earlier decision to step down at the end of June 2013.

Mr. Paz pledged to continue along the path that Mr. Izhakoff had navigated, which he wrote is to “be at the vanguard of the campaign to end the trade in conflict diamonds, within the framework of the Kimberley Process.”

Paying tribute to his predecessor, Mr. Paz wrote: “Eli Izhakoff is an industry giant, who not only took our community from a state of crisis to a position of renewed strength, but at the same time instilled within us the understanding that we have the capacity and obligation to create a better life for all of our stakeholders.”