Automotive Materials Engineers and Designers to Gain from WorldAutoSteel’s New Online Workshop


Automotive Materials Engineers and Designers to Gain from WorldAutoSteel’s New Online Workshop

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Brussels, 6 December 2016 – Automotive material engineers and designers can now access a new online course offered by WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association.

WorldAutoSteel, in partnership with steeluniversity, now offers its Design Advisor course on The course includes an online simulation model that enables participants to enter vehicle design scenarios for quick evaluations. The speed and accuracy of the evaluations make it a practical example of the use of Life Cycle Assessment, helping to evaluate potential material decision impacts to the environment, and total impacts toward a circular economy.

“Vehicle designers of the 21st century must turn out vehicles that surprise and delight customers, meet strict government regulations, satisfy financial investors, reduce emissions, and contribute to a circular economy,” says Cees ten Broek, Director, WorldAutoSteel. “The Design Advisor course gives a big picture understanding of how vehicle design choices can affect the mass, cost and climate change emissions through the vehicle life cycle.”

Engineers, designers, and university students will benefit through taking the course and using the simulation model. Users can evaluate the impact of design choices for the different vehicle structural components and gain a better understanding of performance over the life cycle of the vehicle.

The Design Advisor course is taught by Dr. Don Malen, adjunct professor and research scientist from the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering and the creator of the simulation model.

“Material selection decisions are most often made very early in the vehicle design process,” says ten Broek. “The Design Advisor course enables vehicle design decision makers to quickly and accurately examine material selection tradeoffs.”

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