ATTENTION SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CORPORATES: Looking for avenues to spend your CSR Bucks?

care4autismDear Sir / Madam,

Autistic Children are differently able-d. With proper care and loving hand-holding they can not only attain their true potentials but also blossom and contribute for the enrichment of their particular callings: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Mozart, Beethoven, Woody Allen, Henry Ford, Michel Jackson … the list is endless.

Someday, your act of greatness may act as the litmus that will perhaps help the next Mark Twain or Thomas Edison cast their spells. But we and our children will always remember the fact that you cared. That, when the time was right, you stood up to be counted.

Do give us a call and we can help you with the last mile connectivity between your desire to reach out as a Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen and the Children who need your care.

For details and contact numbers, please visit our website 

 May God Bless You.

Lalit Kumar Khetan


Care for Autism

PS. Your contribution is eligible for relevant Tax Breaks.