Attention Journalists: India Journalism Programme and Chevening Master’s Programme


The Chevening India Journalism Programme is a Fellowship programme aimed at high-flying, mid-career journalists from India and Bhutan. Fellows will undertake a specifically designed programme called Good Governance in a Changing World: Media, Politics and Society at the University of Westminster which offers an intensive learning experience that will sharpen thinking and leadership skills.

Course Content

Good Governance in a Changing World: Media, Politics and Society.

This course will focus on the role of the media and reporting in encouraging social change, in holding institutions to account and in highlighting social injustice. It will explore how the structures of ownership, the shifts in media as more platforms become available, and the economics of audiences and revenue alter the capacity of the media to reveal injustices.

What support is available for principled investigative journalism?

What new models of journalism are emerging – especially around innovations in the collection and use of evidence?

What is the relationship between local, regional and national media? How can good journalism mobilise attention more effectively?

What does investigative journalism need to survive and prosper?

How can journalism escape excessive preoccupation with politics and delve into the consequences of political action (and inaction)?

Comparing the experiences of the British media with those of South Asia, the course will examine the interaction between reporting and political action and the emergence of new institutions that hold reporting to account.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are invited from future media leaders and opinion formers working in the areas of political, economic and business journalism in India and Bhutan.
  • The ideal candidate should be a mid career Journalist from India and Bhutan covering political and economic sectors.
  • Candidates will be expected to have had at least seven years professional experience working at a leading media group.
  • Excellent academic record

What does a Fellowship include?

  • University of Westminster programme fees
  • Accomodation for the felllows
  • Return airfare from India to the UK
  • Visa costs
  • Travel and accomodation on study visits
  • Travel to and from London and local travel in London

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