Astrologer Jai Madaan: storming the Corporate Citadel, one chart at a time

Jai Madaan, is a young and dynamic astrologer, her expertise in Astrology is equal to ancient Vedic Astrologers. She practices astrological reading as a science and offers explanatory advice to clients with logical explanations.  Her approach is to educate and help the clients understand and get them about the true reasons behind troubles they are facing in their lives. Subsequently, she offers very simple and affordable solutions to their problems. She understands that most people bring some pre-determined troubles rising from their previous birth karma and often get affected by them in the present life and suggests fitting solutions to reduce the negative effects.

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Other consultations and therapies she practices include Mantra Therapy, Yantra Therapy, Numerology, Gem Therapy, Rudraksh Therapy, Spiritual Therapy etc.

She firmly believes that usage of suitable and apt colors, wearing the suitable gemstones, selecting appropriate dates and numbers, and praying with appropriate mantras and on suitable days can positively impact one’s life and bring success, wealth and prosperity in time. She offers suitable guidance and remedies to clients after sensibly looking up and examining their horoscopes and kundlis.

Engaged in rendering various services in the field of Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Consultancy.  Apart from this, Jai is also a motivational speaker and a relationship counselor and on a corporate level, she conducts workshops on topics like Law of attraction & Human relationships.  Over the course of her profession, she has specialized a lot on Vastu consultancy for homes/offices/factories or any workplace or projects.

Products/Services which she offers

·         Palmist

·         Astrologer

·         Face Reader

·         Vastu Expert

·         Numerologist

·         Hypnotherapist

·         Universal Healer

·         Tarot Card Reader

·         Motivational Speaker

·         Relationship Counsellor

Key Projects (Clients) / Awards / Recognition

Jai is currently appearing on India TV daily show called AAJA GOODLUCK NIKALE, Airing every morning @9.30AM and currently contributing as relationship expert for articles in Hindustan Times. Apart from Jai has also contributed for Sahara Samay as tarot card reader, several shows of Sahara NCR, Sahara MP, Pragya Channel as motivational speaker, healer & affirmation expert, Zee TV as a motivational speaker for a show called Lady Raaj, writing columns for Tarot predications for magazines – Vivaah & Timeless Jewels.

USP / Strengths

Jai’s biggest USP is simplest and most practical solutions and honest assessment of clients needs. Advising simple solutions and remedies which can bring in the desired change. For Vastu consultancy, her biggest strength is that she never offers impractical solutions by advising structural changes (which are very difficult or sometimes impossible to implement)-she specializes in offering remedies to make any area Vastu Compliant by suggesting simple remedies within the existing structural framework.  Being an astrologer/palmist and a face reader, she synchronies her knowledge of all the three fields along with Vastu to suggest a fully comprehensive solution to her client.