Astrologer Jai Madaan to host a show on India News

Jai Madaan10New Delhi 31st July :- Astrologer Jai Madaan who currently hosts ‘Aaja Goodluck nikale’ at India TV will soon been seen hosting an all new show ‘Family Guru’ on India News.  Family Guru is a show where Jai would be talking about day to day family issues, learning about people’s nature ,relationship problems, financial problem for example how to read faces, handwriting . How to improve your love life, vastu tips without demolition etc. and subsequently will offer very simple and affordable solutions to their problems.  The show is scheduled to be aired from 3rd August 2014 everyday at 2:30 pm.

Jai’s expertise in Astrology is equal to ancient Vedic Astrologers.  She practices astrological reading as a science and offers explanatory advice to clients with logical explanations. Her approach is to help the clients understand and get educated them about the true reasons behind troubles they are facing in their lives.  Apart from this, Jai is also a motivational speaker and a relationship counselor and on a corporate level, she conducts workshops on topics like law of attraction & human relationships.  Over the course of her profession, she has specialized a lot on vastu consultancy, which is her biggest strength. She offers practical solutions by advising no structural changes for homes/offices/factories or any workplace or projects.

India News is a Hindi language Indian TV news channel.  India News broadcasting is managed by ITV Pvt. Ltd. which has its own Teleport facility for the up linking of its satellite channels.