Art of Deception in Advertising: How Companies Trick You INFOGRAPHIC

Do you think ads are fooling us? Half of Americans seem to believe in ads while the rest think they are dishonest. Moreover, recent studies show that Americans tend to distrust certain types of ads more. For example: 26% of people believe that financial insurance ads are not trustworthy and it’s only the second least trusted ad type.

Take a look at this awesome infographic about the Art of Deception in Advertising and see how big brands use advertising tricks to influence our buying decisions. These ads have doubled the value of a company’s product just by making it look exceptionally good.

From the infographic, you’ll learn:

  • What are the top 10 least trusted ads?
  • Glue, shampoo, and hair spray are used to make FOOD in ads look yummy!
  • What are the most popular tricks used to make products look more appealing?
  • How hotels manipulate their photos to lure their guests?​​

We know how much Americans love commercials, but don’t you think such advertising practices are getting out of hand?


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