Array Networks Enables Precision Infomatic to Speed-up Critical Applications and Services for Hosted Business Customers

array networksArray’s IPv6 ready load balancer helps Precision balance critical inbound and outbound network traffic across multiple ISPs to deliver accelerated and highly available application services

BANGALORE / MUMBAI, India – July 30, 2013


Precision Infomatic, an IT service provider, has deployed Array Networks‘ link load balancers to achieve high speed connectivity and availability for their hosted business critical applications & services. Array Networks’ load balancer has helped Precision achieve minimal disruptions of their hosted infrastructure and uninterrupted Internet access. With Array Networks’ gold certified IPv6 solution, Precision is now poised for IPv4 to IPv6 migration.

Precision’s challenge

Precision required high availability and speedy connectivity for their hosted customers’ critical business applications and services. The company had a variety of customers for whom they had to provide different services, such as websites, email, web application, VPN and others on the cloud.

The services were accessed through two ISP links from different vendors. These ISP links had different public IP addresses, due to which Precision was facing SPoF (Single Point of Failure) in the Internet traffic. This was causing breakdown of the entire system and if anything went wrong Precision would need anywhere between 4 to 72 hours to set things right. In addition, a disruption of that magnitude would cause breach of the SLA Precision had with its customers. Precision wanted to avoid such a situation and achieve minimal disruptions on their hosted infrastructure. They also required inbound and outbound redundancy, ensuring quality of services to their hosted customers’ critical applications.

Solution opted by Precision

With Array Networks’ link load balancer, Precision was able to get uninterrupted Internet access, thereby achieving minimal disruptions of their hosted infrastructure. Using the link load balancer, network traffic for both inbound and outbound connections were balanced across ISP vendors. In addition, by leveraging Array’s advanced bandwidth management feature, Precision was able to achieve efficient utilization of the available network bandwidth. Precision’s hosting clients benefited from having fast and reliable access to their applications and services.

IPv6 migration

Array’s link load balancer also helped Precision to be ready for IPv6 migration. Precision can now host IPv6 network on a dual stack with separate networks of IPv6 and IPv4, and host ISP links with IPv6 address sets and a backend IPv4 network. The load balancer also helps redirect applications to a Disaster Recovery site with Array’s Global Server Load Balancing solution on the same appliance.

Mr. Mathew Chacko, Founder Director at Precision Infomatic said, “Array Networks’ link load balancer has enabled our customers to work with almost no service disruption. We are able to get uninterrupted access and committed bandwidth for services. Array has helped us to be ready for migration to IPv6, which will help us to get better TCO.”


Mr. Shibu Paul, Country Manager – IN, ME & ASEAN at Array Networks said, “Precision was looking for a solution to address single point of failure (SPoF) on Internet traffic. Array Networks’ solution enabled high availability with balanced network traffic. We are confident that our solution will help Precision render better services to their clients.

About Array Networks

Array Networks is a global leader in application delivery networking with over 5000 worldwide customer deployments. Powered by award-winning SpeedCore™ software, Array solutions are recognized by leading enterprise, service provider and public sector organizations for unmatched performance and total value of ownership. Array is headquartered in Silicon Valley, is backed by over 300 employees worldwide and is a profitable company with strong investors, management and revenue growth. Poised to capitalize on explosive growth in the areas of mobile and cloud computing, analysts and thought leaders including Deloitte, Red Herring and Frost & Sullivan have recognized Array Networks for its technical innovation, operational excellence and market opportunity. To learn more, visit

About Precision

Precision Infomatic commenced operations in 1996. Establishing its presence through a product centric approach in the initial stages, Infomatic gradually matured into a Business Transformation Enabler. With well established relationships with clients across the country, the company has focused on providing high value services. The company is among the top partners of Hewlett – Packard and Microsoft in the country. In addition to operations in major cities, the company has embarked on a large scale expansion program, ‘Precision Everywhere’, to establish support and sales presence in more than 1000 locations across the country to further enable high – quality, long term engagements with clients. The company has also been in the training spectrum providing training at educational institutions and corporate. To learn more, visit