Arabia CSR Network receives record-breaking entries to Arabia CSR Awards 2017

UAE, 22 July 2017 – The Arabia CSR Network, the Middle East’s leading training service provider and think tank, has received a record-breaking number of entries to this year’s Arabia CSR Awards, the Arab region’s most prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awards. The number of applications to the latest edition grew to a remarkable 106 applications, reflecting anew the significance of Arabia CSR Awards in the region’s bid to promote social responsibility and sustainable practices both in the public and private sectors.

Now on its 10th year, the Awards recognise outstanding regional organisations from the public and private sector with exemplary and impactful CSR and sustainability initiatives. It looks into the contenders’ efforts to fully implement best practices in CSR and evaluates the results in terms of the initiatives’ positive effect on society.

Habiba Al Marashi, President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network, said: “The number of entries to Arabia CSR Network has been rising significantly year after year, highlighting again the awards’ indubitable credibility and great influence throughout the region. We are especially excited over the overwhelming response of various organisations to our call for submissions this year but more importantly, we are proud of the caliber of applications vying in the competition’s 11 categories.”

“All high-quality and noteworthy submissions are indicative of the seriousness of entities across the region to implement initiatives that will help change the lives of individuals for the better and make a difference in the society and improve sustainability as a whole. The Arabia CSR Awards is part of our commitment to contribute to the region’s major CSR-related aspirations, formed in the hope of creating a more benevolent and compassionate community all throughout the Arab World,” added Al Marashi.

This year’s categories include Public Sector, Large Business, Medium Business, Small Business, Financial Services Sector, Energy Sector, Social Enterprise Sector, Hospitality Sector, Construction Sector, Best New Business, and Partnerships & Collaborations. Additionally, 31 entities will have an opportunity to be named as CSR champions for 2017.

The Arabia CSR Awards is a platform enabling organisations across the Arab region to showcase their CSR milestones and accomplishments. It also serves to inspire other firms to reinforce their CSR and sustainability programs and become socially responsible corporate citizens. More than 1,000 applications from more than 800 organisations representing 29 industry sectors from 13 Arab countries have been submitted to the Arabia CSR Network to date.

The Arabia CSR Network is devoted to advancing the principles and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arab region. It facilitates networking, learning and sharing experiences and knowledge in matters of CSR. Besides the Arabia CSR Awards, it offers trainings, research and best practice, advisory services, third-party assurance to promote and encourage responsible business practices within the Middle East and North Africa territories.