Arabia CSR Network to conduct training on practical approaches to integrated reporting

Leading CSR training provider highlights importance of a cohesive report in enhancing corporate accountability and stewardship

Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network
Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network

UAE, January 07, 2017 – Arabia CSR Network will hold a two-day training session for companies looking to deepen their integrated reporting (IR) capabilities and enhance corporate accountability and stewardship on various types of capital including financial, intellectual, human, social and natural resources. Titled ‘Practical Approach to Integrated Reporting,’ the training will be held in Dubai, UAE from January 29 to 30, 2017.

The training aims to help organizations take practical steps in completing their integrated reports and ensure that they are efficiently presented to accurately show the business case and value of integrated reporting, particularly for top level executives such as CSR managers, sustainability officers, internal and external communications specialists, marketing, PR and brand specialists, government, non-profit organizations, educators, researchers and strategic planners.

Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network, said, “A growing number of companies in the Arab region are waking up to the value of reporting their activities and annual performance. We are confident this training session will open valuable opportunities for responsible organizations, presented in the highest standards of services available in the region. We always strive to bring the latest knowledge and skills in the sector through international collaborations and partnerships as a leading player in this sector.”

“Excellence in reporting and effectively communicating them is vital in today’s business. As more and more organizations realize that financial reports are not the only thing that matters to investors, we at Arabia CSR Network continue to find ways to develop expertise and provide training in CSR and sustainability as our contribution in enhancing skills in the region and building the knowledge-based economy in the country,” concluded Al Marashi.

IR is the latest trend in corporate reporting where companies integrate their annual performance in key areas such as financial, social and environmental into one report to create a more holistic and concise summary and effectively communicate a company’s vision and value to investors and stakeholders. Participants will be able to identify the main elements of IR framework and recognize the activities that can be included in the IR process as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the report.

Arabia CSR Network is the region’s certified training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the leading international body that has developed the renowned GRI G4 framework in sustainability reporting standard. ACSRN recently held a training on the GRI framework, which was also offered in Arabic. The Network has successfully trained more than 300 professionals across the Arab region, paving the way for 124 GRI-G4 based sustainability reports to be produced by companies in the Middle East.

The registration for the upcoming training is now open for everyone who is interested for this event, please fill in the registration form by contacting