The App In Need Is An App Indeed: Smart24x7 Mobile Safety App, the app which helps in real time

smart24X7Consider this scenario.You are at the mall shopping for your favourite outfits and accessories. Simultaneously, you are chatting with your friends on Whatsapp.Your friends accompanying you are calling you for trying another outfit. But as the things turn out, your joy is short-lived. You suddenly sniff the stench of fire coming out of nowhere. All of a sudden, you see people running for cover as you realize that the mall has caught fire due to certain reasons. You start panicking and you feel that fire brigade will show up in few minutes. You keep waiting but it doesn`t. By the time, it arrives, most of the shops have been ruined and property worth crores has been set on fire. In the end, you realize that you wish you could have a technology which can get instant help at the time of emergency.

Now, this agony can be the thing of past as there is a technology which can get instant help during the time of emergency. Smart 24×7 Response Services Pvt. Ltd has designed the safety mobile Application in the name of “Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App”. The special feature about the safety App is that it helps victim to connect with his near and dear ones, Police/Fire/Ambulance services automatically whenever you find yourself in trouble or need to find help for someone around you. It is a prominent approach towards strengthening existing protection levels. As smart phones today is an integral part of life. Hence, they are capable of aiding safety & security at home, at office and during in transit globally.

We are proud to share another real incident with you where our Smart24x7 Mobile Application has helped users in real time.



Alert received Date – 10/5/2014

Alert received Time –3.30 pm

Mr. Abhishek (Name Changed), resident of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh used Smart24x7 Mobile Application to send alerts to Fire Department when he saw fire hadcaught the transformer and two shops had also caught fire.

Mr. Abhishek pressed the panic button in order to help others. After a period of 20 minutes, when Smart24x7 Team called him to check whether the user had received Fire serviceor not,he said after using our application he received the service of fire brigade at his location and situation was controlled.
We feel proud that our Smart24x7 Application was able to help our users who have raised alerts from various parts of the country like Assam, Gujarat& Madhya Pradesh at the time of need. Response time in these cities would have been reduced by another 10 minutes, if the Police would have integrated which has been done in Gurgaon, Jalandhar & Jammu.