The Aplava promise:  Three Steps to a glowing you

apalvaThe global beauty market is widely expected to be upwards of US$ 700 billion by the year 2020. And, a substantial chunk of this market is wifi-ing into the web space as upwardly mobile women seek to source their beauty potions in the relative ease of the net. India too, is no exception and the trend of ever increasing number of women using the net to access and buy beauty products of their choice is rising exponentially.

“But it is easier said than done” said Anamika Sharma, a self-proclaimed cosmetics junkie and an early convert to e-commerce. “The net is full of charlatans who promise something and often pass-off substandard stuff. I have been fooled so many times by the glossy pictures only to have paid and received things that don’t live up to the expectations they create”. “Besides”, adds Sushmita Banerjee, a young banking professional, “it is so very difficult to buy things based only on the description in the e-commerce platforms that are actually suited to your skin type.”

For Anamika, Sushmita, and thousands like them, there is good news. Beauty Care Portal has come up with a unique algorhythm based system that not only promises to have a dermatologist hand-pick (and deliver) personal and grooming products to the doorsteps, but also have an impressive spread from the top brands in the domain to choose from.

 Anamika explains, “it is really so simple that it looks as though the entire system has been designed by actual women seeking to address their real concerns about the online shopping of beauty products. The focus is on offering a unique experience that is completely personalized to meet our needs and involves three simple steps:

First, they create a personalized profile for you. This will be your personal care profile that will help the portal’s team understand your skin type and accordingly recommend the best beauty products. Then they offer you expert advice, as their specialists guide you through the process of choosing the right mix of beauty products that your body needs. Finally, they handhold you to build a beauty regime that will last you long with the experts helping build a customised regimen for you, allowing you to pamper your skin, soothe your soul. And all this, from the cosy confines of your home ensuring that you don’t move an inch in search of that eluding glow that has had women go to extremes down the ages”.

prestige-bannerAdds Sushmita, “the prices too, are extremely competitive and as a satisfied customer, I will gladly rate their delivery regimen with 5 stars. The products are good, the brands that have been featured are all respectable, the process that matches the right product to your need is simple and hassle free and the service quick, efficient and no-nonsense”.

“I am not someone who is easily won over, as I like to make every one of my hard earned Rupee count. But with I am, what you call, a satisfied customer. They have married technology with the woman’s inherent urge (or, is it our birthright ?) to look and feel beautiful in a very simple web platform and I for one, am not complaining.”

“And yes” added Anamika, “don’t forget to check the offers section of the website. They have some steals out there and it is a great place to hunt for gifts. As a matter of fact, one can also check out their rewards section which houses a great customer loyalty programme.”

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