Android One targets the majority world making the smartphone more accessible and international top-up more important.

 Logoding*, the world’s largest top-up provider, celebrates the launch of the Android One and calls on the Indian Diaspora to ensure people get the most out of their smartphone by keeping it topped-up.

With the launch of Android One in India, Google are making smartphones more accessible for a larger proportion of the population, helping to get them online. The news was welcomed by ding*, the world’s largest top-up provider whose services enable the direct transfer of airtime to mobile phones across 130 markets.

In a country where the majority of data plans are pre-paid, top-up is going to play a vital role in maximising the potential of the Android One in India. The Indian Diaspora, who send approximately $70 billion back home through traditional money remittance channels every year, are in a strong position to help fuel this technological advancement by helping to keep the smartphones of their friends and families topped-up.

“Google are making great strides in making smartphones a reality for the majority world where access to the internet can have a very real positive effect on people’s lives. To make sure those phones are maximised, we’re calling on Indians living abroad to visit and send top-up to their loved ones back home to unlock the potential of the Android One,” says Mark Roden CEO of ding*.

Smartphone penetration in the majority world is below 25% but growing fast, driven by Android sales. Growth figures at ding* reflect the strength of Android with twice the amount of app downloads done so on Android phones rather than iOS.

Big global players such as Google recognise that smartphones have the power to bring improved communications and access to information to the masses across the majority world. As they continue to develop solutions to make smartphones more accessible, ding* will continue to ensure they remain topped-up – playing a vital role in connecting the people of India.

About ding*
ding* sends mobile top-up, instantly, to any phone, anytime,  anywhere.

Created to help people living abroad to support loved ones back home, the company is connected to over 300 mobile operators in over 130 countries with a reach of over 3.5 billion phones. People can send top-up on, the mobile app and in more than 450,000 retail locations around the world.

As world’s largest top-up provider, ding* safely delivers a top-up every second of every day.

ding*employs 200 people and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with regional offices in Miami, Dubai, Barcelona, San Salvador, Bucharest and Dhaka.