Americos Technologies launches Scientific Calculator Application- Calcoid

 calcoidNew Delhi, March 18, 2014: Calcoid, a scientific calculator application designed and developed by Americos Technologies is set to make mathematics fun for the users. The newly launched app Calcoid will make complex mathematical calculations simpler and faster for its users. The app is exclusively available for Android users and can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Calcoid has an intuitive interface and amazing background that offer ample functional features. Calcoid provides lots of calculation capabilities that include practically all the most used options including complex calculations and scientific settings. The app can do traditional algebraic operations, logarithmic calculations, trigonometric functions, and more. It also has a results memory where operations on previous results can be made.

“Calcoid is aimed to make lengthy and tedious mathematical calculations fun, simpler and faster for the users. It offers a scientific calculator that’s easy to use but has the ability to do harder computations. The app caters to students, engineers and business persons to pretty much anyone who wants to solve arithmetic calculations. We are excited with the launch of our new application and will continue to add exciting features and capabilities to it in the future”, said Amit Khanna & Gaurav Khanna, Co-founders, Calcoid & Joint Managing Director, Americos Technologies.  

There are two versions of this app- Calcoid & Calcoid Plus. For users who do not mind paying a minimal sum to get rid of ads- the Calcoid Plus would be the best option, available on the app store at just Rs. 60. The paid version of the app adds exciting themes and backgrounds such as Sexy Red, Rich Purple, Incredible Green and Cool Blue backgrounds and is ad-free.


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