Alpina Watches Brand Ambassador Michael Goulian – Podium Finish Keeps Team Goulian at the Top of Championship Standings

Geneva, April 30th, 2018

Goulian advanced to the Final 4 round and placed third at the Cannes Red Bull Air Race (RBAR) World Championship last April 21st after a roller coaster of a day on Sunday.

The French Red Bull Air Race started with a spectacular qualifying session in the sports history, won by our brand ambassador. The consistency and precision of the Alpina Watches pilot during the Sunday race gave him access to the podium. Mike Goulian holds the first top spot for the World Championship standings.

This race marked Goulian’s second podium in the team’s 2018 season, after having won the first race in Abu Dhabi last February. Never before in Goulian’s 10-year RBAR career has the team seen consecutive podiums, until now.

Goulian still leads the world championship with 24 points, but Australia’s Matt Hall is now on his heels with 21 points and Japan’s Yoshi Muroya is in third with 19 total points.

To celebrate his podium a few days after the race, Michael Goulian visited the Alpina Watches Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland. During the event, he and his team had a tour of the Manufacture and a Q&A session with the Alpina employees. It was great to meet with our ambassador again and to congratulate him in person on his constant outstanding performances.

We can’t wait for the next race in Chiba.

About Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian is one of the most experienced and determined contenders for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, and since his first race in 2004 the American has accumulated career highlights including a memorable win at the iconic stop of Budapest, Hungary. Before beginning his racing career, Goulian earned the US National Unlimited Aerobatics Championship and the National Advanced Aerobatics Championship, and he continues to be a popular performer of aerial demonstrations. Goulian is one of just seven pilots ever to earn the triple crown of industry honors for airshow flying: the Art School Memorial Award, the Bill Barber Award and the ICAS Sword of Excellence. Goulian further holds the distinction of being an honorary member of the legendary US Navy Blue Angels. Based in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, the team flies the number 99 Edge 540.
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Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Created in 2003, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship celebrated its landmark 75th race at the 2017 season opener in Abu Dhabi. The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the world’s best race pilots in a pure motorsport competition that combines speed, precision and skill. Using the fastest, most agile, lightweight racing planes, pilots hit speeds of 370kmh while enduring forces of up to 10G as they navigate a low-level slalom track marked by 25-meter-high, air-filled pylons. In 2014, the Challenger Cup was conceived to help the next generation of pilots develop the skills needed for potential advancement to the Master Class that vies for the World Championship.


Next 2018 Red Bull Air Races:
May 26-27:                  Chiba, Japan

June 23-24:                 Budapest, Hungary

August 25-26:             Kazan, Russia

September:                 TBA
October 6-7:                Indianapolis, USA
November 2018:         TBA

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Inventor of the ultimate alpine watch (Alpiner 4) in 1938, Alpina has always been the reference for any outdoors enthusiast. Combining practicality and beauty has always been at the core of our field of expertise. A true pioneer of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Alpina has been the source of numerous patents and innovative calibers. Alpina invented the concept of the Swiss sport watch, as we know it today, with the birth of its legendary Alpina 4 in 1938.

Today, Alpina is one of the very few Swiss watch companies, which develops, produces and assembles its movements entirely in-house.

Alpina’s mission is to design and engineer luxury sport watches that operate with the greatest precision and reliability possible in the most demanding sporting environments, like the Alps. Reach your summit!



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