Alacero promotes world-class training in steel processes for young Latin-American engineers

alaceroSantiago, Chile, June 13, 2013. is a free, award-winning educative on-line web portal, developed by the World Steel Association, the global organization that represents the Steel industry. Alacero –Latin American Steel Association- and one of its members, the seamless pipes producer Tenaris, take part of this initiative and have translated the different training modules into Spanish, making this world-class training material available to Latin-American students and young professionals. aims to provide a comprehensive package of highly interactive, informative, innovative, integrated and sophisticated e-learning resources on steel technologies, covering all aspects of iron and steelmaking processes through to steel products, their applications and recycling. provides an opportunity to study and apply the basic scientific, metallurgical and engineering principles, thermodynamics and kinetics that underpin the production and use of steel. At its heart is a series of realistic, game-like simulations of the main steelmaking operations.

These resources are used by more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, professors, lecturers and steel industry employees worldwide. Some simulations may also be suitable for high school pupils. The Spanish translation of the interactive materials done by Alacero and Tenaris and the enduring effort to promote this educative tool in the region, have made Latin America stand out for the number of participants. Currently, registers 1,291 Argentines, 925 Mexicans, 721 Brazilians and 290 Peruvians, among many other users of the rest of the continent.

Recently, issued new versions of the Blast Furnace and BOF simulations. These new applications allow an integrated Steel making simulation and facilitate a learning experience where processes go through one to another with no cuts. Users may cast pig iron, manufacture steel, refine it and produce semis in just one session. Thanks to Alacero and Tenaris collaboration, these new applications are now available in Spanish.

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About Alacero

Alacero –Latin American Steel Association- is the organization that brings together the Steel Value Chain of Latin America to promote the values of regional integration, technological innovation, corporate responsibility and social and environmental sustainability. Founded in 1959, Alacero is formed by 52 companies of 25 countries, whose production –of about 70 million annual tons- represents 95% of the steel manufactured in Latin America. Alacero is a Special Consulting Organization to the United Nations and is recognized as International Non-Government Organization by the Republic of Chile, host country of Alacero´s headquarters.