Aitomation creates website run by a computer

aitomationAitomation – a Pakistan based Robotic Process Automation company offering a complete customised solution for each customer has created a website that runs entirely only on its own. Yes you read that right. Entirely on its own. The website has over 4000 posts and is live so you can see for yourself as well.

Saad Eshan, the COO of Aitomation is clear in his concept that drives the company, “Our objective is simple, no person should be doing repetitive and boring work. Each person should be engaged and involved in new and exciting work. Earlier we just had this idea, now we can realize this idea. Our objective continues to be to keep things simple for people and help them rather than confuse them. That is why we are not providing our service as a software but rather we are providing a one click solution”.

To showcase our technology Aitomation has undertaken a bold project.- complete Automation of a website. A whole website that requires no human input, a website that is being completely run by a computer.  The name of this computer run website is

This is how 10bestquotes works.


  1. The computer
  2. The computer enters the username and password.
  3. Then clicks on “add new post”.
  4. Then enters the name of the person in the title of the WordPress new post. (the name of the person is pre-given to the software )
  5. Then the computer visits 10 different websites, looks for quotes by the said person and retrieves 10 quotes. (The computer checks for repetitive posts, if a post is repeated, it was immediately discarded in favor of one that is not).
  6. The computer then numbers these quotes from 1 to 10.
  7. Then pastes this data on the wordpress data entry fields.
  8. Then the computer SEO optimizes this post. Enters the focus keyword, writes metadescription.
  9. Then the computer will select the category (genre)that this said person belongs to e.ghumour, philosophy etc
  10. The computer then adds tags to the post. This is done by a quick Google search.
  11. A featured image of the person will be taken to be displayed alongside the quotes.
  12. The “featured image” feature on wordpress is clicked and the picture is uploaded there.
  13. The title for the picture that is just uploaded is filled.
  14. Lastly, the computer schedules its posts to be uploaded at given times.

Bingo! Sounds simple? But like they say, so is e=mc2!

The goal of this project was and continues to be to showcase the power of the technology behind Aitomation.

“We are an automation company” continues Saad Eshan. “We automate repetitive tasks on computer with the use of software just like the robots have done for the industrial sector. We are different from many other companies in that we provide customized solutions to all our clients. We are looking to help companies with their processes and want people to increase their efficiency and productivity. We have already provided solutions to the E-commerce sector, Real Estate sector and Health sector. Aitomation has developed a software for SMEs that helps them reduce their costs & increase productivity by automating all their processes of data entry & virtual assistant work with our software that can and has actually does mimic Humans”!

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