Aerodiam celebrates 25 years of service to international diamond, gem and jewelry industry

aerodiamAntwerp, Belgium/Ramat Gan, Israel – May 20, 2014: Aerodiam, a leading marketer of management solutions for the international diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry industries, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of activity in the diamond industry and trade. “We’re proud to be celebrating our silver jubilee, and of our record of uninterrupted service to the diamond industry and trade,” said Adi eilon, an Aerodiam co-founder and director. “During the past 25 years, we have built and accompanied an ever-growing and loyal group of clients whom we have empowered to operate their companies successfully and effectively in the wired and global economy of the 21st century,” he stated.

“Diamond companies that operate internationally cannot do so without a powerful and up-to-date software platform,” Adi Shva, who is also an Aerodiam co-founder and director, continued. “In Israel, Aerodiam’s sister firm, Accadia Software Technologies Ltd., has built and marketed the leading software platform during the past decade that is used by more than 450 leading diamond firms worldwide. And Aerodiam, which is headquartered in Antwerp, serves not only as a support center, but also markets and distributes Sarine Technologies Ltd’s products, and operates a service center for Sarine’s Galaxy machine, the world’s leading system for the fully automated detection and mapping of internal features in rough diamonds,” Shva added.

Sami Pruwer, the president of the Espeka Group Worldwide, congratulated the Aerodiam team on its accomplishments. “Whether it is support for the DiamondXecutive management software or any other service, the Aerodiam people have their finger on the pulse and are always there when you need them,” he said.

Yehuda Sayyag, founder of the Israeli firm Eran Diamonds and a former vice president of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), said Aerodiam and its sister company Accadia were excellent examples of how service is given to diamond manufacturers and traders. “You don’t see them and you don’t hear them, but they are always there, making sure my management software platform is in perfect shape!”


Uzi Levami, CEO of Sarine Technologies Ltd, said Aerodiam is an important asset to the firm. “As a service provider of technology solutions, we know that at the core of your products’ performance and success lies a solid service record. Throughout the years, Aerodiam has been very successful in marketing our products and it has upheld a consistent service record on our behalf. We congratulate Aerodiam on its silver jubilee and its numerous achievements.”