Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra walked the ramp for the show  PRECIOSA

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Presents Designer Rimple & Harpreet Narula @ Amazon India Couture Week 2015

New Delhi, 1st Aug 2015

PRECIOSA Presents   Designer Rimple & Harpreet Narula   @ Amazon India Couture Week 2015 (3)

Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra walked the ramp for the show PRECIOSA presents designer Rimple and Harpreet Narula, collection MAHARADJAH & CO. at Amazon India Couture Week 2015. The collection was inspired by the Indian Maharajas and the nobles of that era and their lifestyle which was heavily influenced by their travels to the West, the collection is an ode to splendor and extravagance of their lives well-lived.The designer duo have used PRECIOSA crystal components in their collection. An  interesting amalgamation of couture, craft and heritage, which has created a sensational splash on the Indian fashion.



Founded in 1948 in Bohemian, PRECIOSA is a luxury brand. A world leading producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly in the production of beads and other fashion jewellery stones of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colours and sizes. It primarily produces semi-finished products for the jewellery and fashion industries. The most popular products include Hot Fix Viva 12, Maxima and glass beads.


The PRECIOSA group comprises of the crystal components, Cubic Zirconia & Gems, Lighting, jewellery and decoration, traditional Czech Beads and the glass closure Vinolok for an exquisite presentation of wines, spirit and more.


PRECIOSA has had worldwide tie ups with leading fashion designers who have incorporated their crystals in their collections showcased over various international fashion weeks like New York Fashion week, Paris Fashion week and São Paulo Fashion Week.


The Czech brand PRECIOSA entered into the American fashion world when  Queen of POP Madonna went “BLOND” with PRECIOSA crystals during her music video launch “Livin” for “Love” and recently they joined hands with Designer Manish Arora for his AW’ 15′ collection which was showcased at Paris Fashion week.

Michal Sekowski - Area Trade Marketing Manager  PRECIOSA. In charge of South Asia and whole Latin America  Designer H_

Collection Note

MAHARADJAH & CO.-Couture 2015


The splendor and glory of the erstwhile Days of the Raj is the driving force behind Rimple and Harpreet’s collection “Maharadjah & Co.” at the India Couture Week 2015 edition. Inspired by the Indian Maharajas and the nobles of that era and their lifestyle which was heavily influenced by their travels to the West, the collection is a charming reverie of humor and splendor in introspection.


Rimple and Harpreet have endeavored to capture the very beginnings of “bespoke” & “portraiture” in India by delving into the vast archives that chronicle the Maharajas and their retinues, their early interactions with western luxury and the collection is reminiscent of the vast and extraordinary commissions that were conferred by these royals on western design houses. With leitmotifs such as the “vase of plenty” the line celebrates the usage of insignias which were used by the former royals in establishing themselves as “royals” while at the same time it is a stunning homage to fine craftsmanship as well.


It is a celebration of royal opulence tempered in hues of ivory & beige, burnished golds and velveteen ruby that harks back to an era when the “Maharadjas” and “Maharanees” were the toast of  European high society- equally at ease in the royal ballrooms of Calcutta to Kapurthala as well as the chicest Parisian saloons. Scintillating hand crafted embroideries and dazzling Preciosa crystals veritably breathe life onto the surfaces of each ensemble while the theatrical larger than life silhouettes- dramatic capes and robes, sheer billowy jackets, regal cloaks and lehengas  are evocative of a bygone majestic splendor, making the collection  a tribute to an opulent era of high fashion, exotic indulgence and rich statements in regal clothing and accessories