Actifio Gathers Top Executives From Enterprises, Service Providers, and Enabling Technology Vendors for Discussion of Enterprise Cloud

actifio2015 eCloud Summit provided a forum where key stakeholders in next generation of enterprise IT came together to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build relationships 

Dubai, UAE 24thMarch 2015 – Actifio, the copy data virtualisation company, hosted the first eCloud Summit from in Austin, Texas, USA. Enterprise IT executives, leading cloud service providers, next-generation enabling technology vendors, prominent analysts and media attended the event. Experts participated in the Summit and shared a variety of panels and sessions that explored what has been called the “death of IT,” and the rapid emergence of new opportunities and challenges presented by the enterprise cloud.

Enterprise IT is now moving aggressively towards a cloud delivery model. According to 451 Research, 65 percent of large scale enterprises now use some form of cloud computing.* According to Gartner, “By 2018, SaaS will become the dominant model for consuming application functionality for approximately 80 percent of all organizations.”** Aggregate statistics like these mask a complicated reality inside the enterprise. Executives driving this transition often wrestle with infrastructure that is increasingly becoming a commodity whereas supporting complex and strategic business applications. Most are looking for ways to improve the resiliency, agility, and control of the data that is the lifeblood of their business while reducing the cost, time, and complexity necessary to manage it.

During the two-day event, Actifio called upon key stakeholders in this transition – enterprise CIOs, cloud service provider leaders, and enabling technology executives – to share their perspectives on how best to collaborate in navigating the move towards the cloud. Event speakers included:

  • Ash Ashutosh, founder and CEO of Actifio.
  • Gary Reiner, former CIO of GE and current board member of Citigroup and Box.
  • Rich Roseman, former VP & CIO of 21st Century Fox and Newscorp.
  • Donna Scott, vice president & distinguished analyst at Gartner.
  • Bill Taylor, co-founder and founding editor of Fast Company.

The summit was also attended by Actifio’s Middle East & Africa representative Grant Amos, General Manager MEA, he says, “the eCloud Summit revealed exciting technology developments that have immense relevance for the Middle Eastern market.”

Amos confirms that Actifio has launched a significant drive into the local market and is rapidly gaining market share.

*Research report for Verizon, 451 Research, May 2014

**Gartner Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2014 Update, Ed Anderson, September 9, 2014


About Actifio

Actifio delivers copy data virtualisation to hundreds of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 30 countries around the world. Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud. Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need it. Actifio is headquartered just outside Boston, Massachusetts, and can be reached via the web (, Twitter (@actifio), or email at