Acid victims steal hearts at MORPH 2018.

The event, organized by Make-Up Studio, also set make-up trends for the coming season.

October, 2018, New Delhi – Make-Up Studio Training Center (MSTC), the training arm of renowned cosmetic brand Make-Up Studio, hosted MORPH 2018. The show was held at Hotel Eros, Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Meaning transformation of the ordinary into extraordinary with the magic of makeup, MORPH presented power-packed performances and incredible transformations by makeup experts and students of MSTC. The electrifying show presented some of the most advanced techniques of makeup onstage, creating some out-of-the-world looks on faces. It was a glimpse into the best in makeup artistry aimed at taking the professional makeup industry in India to the next level.

The high-point of MORPH 2018 was a captivating and thought-provoking ramp walk by five Acid Victims, who have not let the horrific act scar their souls and have come out of the ordeal with courage and spirit. Their inner radiance reflected in their confident walk and winning persona that shined through like a glittering star.

Not only this but few known designers and brands such as Riple and Harpret Narula, Harnish Bajaj, Indu Fashions, Jewel Street, Amadi Couture came together to contribute outfits for those walking the ramp. Makeup Studio Director Mr. Ravi Mittal said, the idea for Powerwalk was to show these women that if they can do something as daunting as walking down the ramp in front of so many people, there is nothing that they can’t overcome. One of the purposes of organizing the event was also to make people meet these brave women who have triumphed over all odds.

MORPH 2018 marked the completion of 9 successful years of Make-up Studio Training Center.
The event was organized by Mr. Ravi Mittal and Mr. Rienk Koopman, founders of MSTC and put together by the faculty and students of MSTC. The best of talents from MSTC showcased their craft in front of over 300 guests that consisted of the who’s who from the make-up industry. The show was attended by leading socialites, celebrity makeup artists and professionals from top salons all over India.

In his welcome address, Mr. Ravi Mittal, Managing Director, MSTC, said, “When we brought Make-Up Studio to India, the market had never experienced anything like it. The efficiency of the products was quite a revelation for professionals and their customers. It brought about a revolution in the professional makeup industry. The improved results meant improved business for salons. At the same time, the innovative products warranted improved knowledge levels among the professionals. To help them, we started conducting training sessions for them. That is how the idea of a training school germinated and MSTC was born. Apart from courses and classes, we keep conducting seminars, workshops and shows all across country to train the new and practicing professionals. MORPH is a part of the same process. Such occasions allow us to discover the undiscovered.

Echoing similar sentiments, Mr. Rienk Koopman, founder MSTC, added in his welcome address, “When we launched Make-Up studio in India, we were not sure how it would be taken by the professional market here. It was an untested and virgin territory for us. But the way the market welcomed our products was overwhelming. We were pleasantly surprised. It was as if India was just waiting for us. It’s hard to believe that it is already 9 years old. It has created experts in the field. What makes me proud is that it has created a community of makeup artists united by MSTC as their alma mater, a trendsetting community that keeps in touch and discusses the craft and the latest techniques of makeup.”

The show kick-started with two onstage makeup demonstration by international trainer Mr. Paddy Mcgurgan and another one by Ms. Avleen Bansal, Technical Manager, Make-Up Studio India.

– “GLAM DUST” created by Paddy Mcgurgan with the use of vivid and vibrant colours. The eyes were the focal point of this look, with the perfect blend of different textures.

– “REIGNING QUEEN” again created by Paddy Mcgurgan, encapsulated every secret to the regal aura of a queen. The imaginative use of products and techniques brought the best out of this look.

–          “BRIDE OF INDIA” created by Avleen Bansal, was designed to make miracles out of the faces. Same was done on the Face of Indian Fashion Industry – Super Model Laxmi Rana

The highlight of the show was Grand Finale that showcased 18 unconventional looks on themes like Fantasy, Fashion and Bridal. A final ramp walk by 21 beautiful models along with 5 Acid Victims simply mesmerized the audience that applauded the efforts and expertise of trainers and students of MSTC. The vivid imaginations, brilliant artistry and unmatched techniques on display on stage in the show goes on to establish the credentials of MSTC as the best training school in the art of makeup in the country.