abof Defines Online Shopping Experience: Pioneers the Concept of Personalized Shopable Content in India

abofCommitted to develop curated content that recognizes that there is a star in each one of us

Imagine a world where all information was personalized just for you and your specific areas of interest. This might seem like an unreachable goal, but this is a new norm for the Indian e-commerce Industry. abof.com (all about fashion), an online one-stop fashion brand for clothing, footwear and accessories targeted at the millennials, is seeking to redefine the Indian online shoppers’ experience by showcasing personalized and curated shopable content that is sharply customized to the tastes and interests of the individual. abof.com recognizes that every person has what it takes to be reborn as a star and seeks to make its consumers dress fashionably and look famous.

abof has chosen to innovate in the presentation of user experience, design of the website and selection of merchandize. This is presented as exciting dose of fashion content, style tips, trends and fashion news, which combines the visually stunning picture-led approach of Instagram with short and sweet Twitter-like shopable stories. This approach may seem alienating and even chaotic to a mature audience, abof believes that their millennial consumers connect with this approach comfortably.

Prashant Gupta, President and Chief Executive Officer, abof.com said, “We seek to make abof the one stop destination for all the fashion needs of the millennials. Apart from adopting a tone of voice and visual language which we believe will connect with them better, we have gone one step  further to deliver personalized shopable content to our customers based on their information, real-time behavior and preferences. Our ‘What’s Hot’ section is in fact the landing page of abof.com which defines our commitment to inspiration and discovery based commerce.”

Built for fashion conscious millennials, who have a unique take on their personal style, abof begins its engagement with its customers right from the start with a unique style quiz that helps understand the persona of the consumer and the style preference. Based on this information, abof customizes its ‘What’s Hot’ section to deliver more accurate, relevant, and personalized content that truly matters to them.

About abof.com

abof.com is a go-to online destination for the best in fashion shopping, news and trend watching! abof.com has got the most trendy and celebrity-inspired apparel, footwear and accessories that belong in every fashionista’s wardrobe in India. If one wants to get famous, abof assures fast deliveries of the best in branded clothing! Start Shopping Now!