A Game-Changing Message For November’s Election

Tampa, FL, October 25, 2012 – Eric Papp believes leadership is a choice – a free decision everyone can make to see themselves as leaders, role models and people of positive influence. He also believes in the power of a ‘message’ – something people can readily relate to. Eric believes that the presidential election in 2008 was won with a ‘message’ – ‘Hope and Change.’ His suggestion for the Republicans for this year’s election is ‘Rebound & Rebuild.’

Featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and many other publications, Eric was voted in the top one-percent of management trainers in 2010. He is a recognized expert who has a desire for improving personal and organizational leadership. He strongly believes the RNC need to come up with an inspiring message that people remember and associate with them and his suggestion of ‘Rebound & Rebuild’ says it all!

Eric knows what he’s talking about. His new book Leadership by Choice-Increasing Influence and Effectiveness through Self-Management (John Wiley and Sons), is already receiving rave reviews and is a practical, entertaining, and fun book that is loaded with actionable strategies and compelling ideas that act as a road map for anyone wanting to live and lead a richer life.

We are all responsible for our own productivity. To be an effective leader, our challenge is to find creative ways to get more done in less time and have a clear understanding of our priorities. In Leadership by Choice, author Eric Papp looks at new strategies for leaders to excel, not just through smarts but connecting with others and establishing effective communication skills. The best leaders lead with passion and touch everyone they encounter.

Eric Papp develops leaders in organizations through keynote speaking, management training and consulting. He has delivered more than 400 professional training programs to corporate and private clients.

For more information on Eric or his book, please visit: www.EricPapp.com.