7 kinds of sports, all in one app: Rooter becomes the first platform to host a diverse range of sports after including Kabaddi and F1 in its mix of offerings

App to provide real-time updated info, trivia, insights and contests for every kind of sport

New Delhi, August 1, 2017:-Rooter, the world’s first digital platform that connects, engages, and helps sports audience interact with each other on a real-time basis has added another feather to its crown of accomplishments. By including Kabaddi and F1 In its basket of offerings, Rooter has achieved the unique and standalone distinction of being the first platform to host 7 types sports in one application.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.threesixteen.app&hl=en

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/rooter/id1115677906?mt=8

Having already achieved an overwhelming response from its users with quarter of a million downloads and an average of 13-15 minutes of time spent by users on the app every day, Rooter has further endeared itself to its users by including sports such as Kabaddi and F1. Both these sports are enjoying a steady growth in their popularity across the country, especially with the Pro Kabaddi League and increased Indian participation in F1.

Commenting on the achievement, Piyush, Founder and CEO, Rooter, said, “ It is a moment of great pride to know that Rooter has become the first platform to offer such an array of diverse kinds of sports on a single platform. From its very beginning, we envisioned Rooter to be a complete sports destination for all our users who could find each and every sporting info they needed on our app. With the inclusion of Kabaddi and F1, we have broadened our user base and we welcome the fans of these extremely exciting sports to become ardent Rooters and make their sports experience richer.”

Rooter has been hailed as one of the few unique concepts to have come out of the Indian start-up ecosphere without any prior model existing elsewhere globally. An innovative concept that combines sports and social interaction-two of India’s biggest passions, it has found some iconic ambassadors such as Boman Irani and Intex technologies, who through their investments  and constant encouragement have put their weight behind this one-of-a-kind platform.

Here is what Rooter does-

– Live match prediction games now come with live scores and stats, thereby completing the user experience through the platform.

– Live match forums and stories on every sport-  with real-time commentary allow fans to pick their sides and root passionately for their favourite teams, and keep them up-to-date with the latest happenings from the pitch without any break in their peer-to-peer interactions.

– An Inbox has been added to help users manage and access their in-app notification at a single place to further deliver a truly world-class user experience.

 Passion score – Calculated on the basis of users’ sports-related social media activity as well as their success in various in-app games such as predictions and pre-match quizzes, it allows sports fans to engage and connect with others sharing the same level of zeal for sports as they do. The passion score is displayed right at the top of the redesigned home screen, along with other key user profile information such as matches participated in, points aggregated, and overall rank.

 Coins – Rooter provides virtual coins which the user can earn on match prediction. Users can redeem their coins on either Paytm or Amazon to make a purchase.

About Rooter:

Rooter is a sports social gaming platform that connects sports fans around the world and engages them through a unique Live match prediction game. Fans create their rooter profile with teams/players they support and get a Passion Score basis their social media engagement. The Live match prediction game engages fans through matches with predictions based on stats and also allows them to interact in Live match chat forum. Rooter currently covers Football, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, F1, Kabaddi and Basketball.