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If you are grappling with a question on whether to undergo a suggested joint replacement, a spine surgery or an ACL reconstruction, HealthClues has launched a perfect second opinion service to address your need. It boasts of an eminent panel of orthopedic and neurosurgeons who can offer an evidence-based and bias-free medical opinion. Evidence-based is not just a buzzword for HealthClues because its team understands the importance of relevant medical reports and clinical history for giving a sound medical opinion.

Orthopedic problems are on a growing trend in India partly as a natural phenomenon of aging, but also because of poor lifestyle, lack of physical activity and excess weight. Prevalence of Osteoarthritis in 2010 was just 5.5 percent in the urban population and 3.3 percent in the rural population.However, it is now estimated that India will see a massive explosion in the rise of Osteoarthritis with nearly 60 million cases projected by 2025.

HealthClues offers an online second opinion process that involves the gathering of all relevant medical facts and reports to prepare a medical case document. The medical case is subsequently shared with an experienced doctor along with the questions from the patient. The doctor reviews your case and provides a medical opinion within 1-2 working days.

As a patient, the primary benefit of this process is that one can receive an independent medical opinion from multiple experts, which can help confirm a diagnosis one has received from a local doctor. It also helps in eliminating or reducing the possibility of undergoing a wrong treatment due to diagnosis errors since multiple doctors review your case with an independent set of eyes. Another biggest benefit of this approach is that one can ask any or all questions one has about a treatment or surgery, that the patient is not comfortable asking his local surgeon.

Even the experienced doctors agree about the virtue of taking additional medical opinions.

“Any surgery, major or minor, carries certain risks, but it takes an inquisitive patient and a willing doctor to discuss those, resulting in better decisions and hence better outcomes.” – Dr. Sreedhar Thuppal, Orthopedic Surgeon.

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