Mindtree Simplifies and Accelerates Data Analytics with Launch of Decision Moments Platform

mindtreeBuilt on Microsoft Azure services and self-learning algorithms, new offering is designed for flexible, data-driven decision making

Bangalore (India) and Warren (NJ) – July 13, 2016 – Mindtree, a leading digital transformation and technology services company, has launched Decision Moments, the first data analytics platform that applies continuous learning algorithms to large data pools, allowing businesses to generate meaningful and compelling insights that improve over time.

Various business users, such as sales, marketing and human resources, need to make sense of the large amounts of business data from multiple sources and help make better, more informed decisions.

Decision Moments helps companies quickly use a wide variety of data to discover and validate hypotheses for industry-specific business problems in areas such as personalization, sales and marketing operations, and business efficiency. By leveraging an organization’s existing analytics investments, the platform simplifies the technological complexity in delivering relevant and contextual insights.

Decision Moments is preloaded with more than 20 industry-specific machine learning algorithms based on deep learning techniques to enable diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics across business functions. Twenty-five industry-specific business apps in retail, consumer goods, travel, banking and insurance speed decision making with self-service business intelligence and visualization features are offered by this innovative platform. A data store with 35 pre-built technology components for big data programs provides secure, multi-tenant data management and auditing. More than 100 pre-populated data sets easily combine with heterogeneous proprietary and third party data to jumpstart analytical capabilities.

Decision Moments is powered by Microsoft Azure services, including Cortana Intelligence Suite, in a cloud-native solution. Microsoft’s expertise in big data, machine learning and cloud computing is key to Decision Moments’ ability to gain actionable intelligence from the massive amounts of business data available to companies. Additionally, Mindtree’s experience in delivering decision science services to clients such as Microsoft was key to the development of the Decision Moments platform.

“Given the deluge of data coming in on a daily basis, speedy and agile decision making are the big differentiators in business today. Success is determined by how quickly companies can use data to gain new insights, make decisions, take action and arrive at outcomes,” said Radha R., EVP and Head of Digital Business at Mindtree. “Continuous learning is at the heart of Decision Moments, allowing companies to make agile, evidence-based decisions in areas like customer churn and retention, market mix modeling, campaign effectiveness, fraud detection, supply chain optimization, and more.”

 “Data analytics is key to the digital transformation that will drive growth, efficiency, innovation and will ultimately bring a competitive edge to today’s businesses,” says Victor Morales, Vice President, Enterprise Partners Team, Microsoft. “Mindtree’s Decision Moments, powered by Azure, allows businesses to become nimbler in capitalizing on opportunities that business data offers. With Cortana Intelligence Suite as an integral foundation for Decision Moments, companies will gain advanced analytics capabilities that help them transform their data into intelligent action, and reach their full potential in becoming digital businesses.”

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