Careers not Jobs – What the Modern Jobseeker wants


June 21, 2016: All competent professionals move ahead on their career paths with a vision of getting placed on a high growth trajectory with one of their dream companies, but does everyone’s dream get fulfilled? Certainly, not without hassles!

In the search for a job that will be the perfect career launch-pad, professionals face numerous challenges. In some cases, they fail to crack interviews because of lack of preparation, while in others, they are not offered the right compensation as per their skills and experience. Also, they often aim too high or low when identifying the job that matches their skills, experience and education. So clearly, finding the best job opportunity is not a cakewalk and sure enough, it becomes all the more challenging when they don’t know how to move ahead on the career path.

Today’s competent professionals seek a mentor who can guide them through crucial career decisions, like which companies to apply for, what salary to negotiate for and how to prepare for company interviews. Amongst the various job portals, TimesJobs has pivoted into this unique position to address these needs through its unique set of product features.

The features and tools available on TimesJobs provide information and insights to help job seekers make smarter career decisions. Here’s how competent professionals can find fitting answers to all the important questions and map the right path to their career aspirations.

Which are the best companies that can help them achieve my career goals? – Company Reviews & Ratings provide insights like work culture, growth opportunities and work-life balance of companies, submitted by actual employees. It helps job seekers to choose companies which will be most upright for their career.

What help can they get in cracking those tough company interviews? – There is a huge collection of Interview Questions & Tips for different companies available on TimesJobs where one can study the frequently asked questions and stay prepared in advance.

Where does their salary stands in comparison to similar candidates in area of their expertise? What salary should they negotiate for? – Salary benchmarking tool helps them to negotiate the right compensation for the job basis the current market levels.

After identifying some potential companies, they need access to all available jobs at a single platform. Is there any such platform? –With the Largest Number of Jobs in the market, TimesJobs ensures that whenever and wherever there is a good opportunity, jobseekers will be able to find it on TimesJobs.

How can they benchmark and compare their skills with their peers in top companies? – Candidates can check the skill gaps on their own profile pages compared to similar candidates and can also take skill tests to check their strengths and competencies.

Here’s a short video that shows how today’s professionals make Smart Career Decisions

About, a flagship business of Times Business Solutions (TBS), is a platform to help competent professionals make smarter career decisions. With over 25 million registered jobseekers across the board and more than 60 million page views every month, it is fast becoming the most preferred career portal among the candidates.
TimesJobs is leading in the recruitment and employment space with its pioneering and dynamic divisions because it successfully meets all the needs of the jobseekers. Its major platforms include:

  • TechGig: India’s biggest dais for tech professionals to help them Learn, Showcase & Compete in the IT industry.
  • JobBuzz: A well-known portal that provides information & insights about different companies, job profiles and interview processes.
  • StepAhead: StepAhead offers Professional Resume writing and distribution services, career astrology, resume improvement to help jobseekers accelerate their career.

Also, TimesJobs has the largest collection of jobs in the market which ensures that whenever and wherever there is a great opportunity, jobseekers will discover it on the platform.
In the recruitment market too, being the biggest platform for competent professionals who think of their careers first, TimesJobs has become the destination of choice for recruiters who seek to engage with the right talent.