Vinayaka Mission Institute of Medical Sciences – destination of choice for patients from the east

 vimsPatients from the entire east and north east of India, including neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have traditionally looked at South India based medical service providers for effective, efficient and cost competitive treatment. As a matter of fact, such has been the reputation of these multi and super-specialty care givers, that they have even contributed the term “medical tourism” to the popular lexicon. And it is to this deluge of patients from the East, that the Salem based Vinayaka Mission Institute of Medical Sciences has emerged as the destination of choice with almost its state of the art facilities, clinical efficiency, extremely attractive pricing and above all, a desire to put service above all else.

The facilities available in this 410 bed multi-specialty hospital, is truly world class. It boasts of seven stainless steel Operation Theatres along with the latest Cath Lab, Dialysis Unit, MICU, SICU, NICU, Cardiac ICU, Cardio Thoracic ICU for emergency use. The entity offers all types of surgical support services related to the heart, like pace maker insertion, angioplasty, bypass surgery, valve replacement and the like. It also routinely undertakes specialized neurological surgeries relating to the brain or the spinal cord for example. VIMS is also acknowledged for its prowess in the orthopedic department that covers the entire gamut from knees to hip replacement. It is equally adept in the other medical branches like gynecology, ENT and is considered as one of the key institutions in the field of medical aided reproduction.

The fact that VIMS boasts of a list of medical practitioners on its roll that reads like a virtual who’s who of the domain bears testimony to its exceptional competencies – a reputation further bolstered by the fact that it is a part of a group that runs 15 educational institutions including Medical, Engineering, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Para Medical Colleges in India and abroad. Needless to say, when the entity says that its mission is to provide the best available treatment at the lowest possible price points in the South, one can rest content, secure in the knowledge that the claim is backed not only by a plethora of cutting edge institutions, but that VIMS is also capable of making the economies of scale work in the patient’s favour.

4 (2)-2 Says Ashok Malakar, Director Marketing of VIMS, “we are aware of the mental trauma that that the patients and their accompanying relatives go through during hospitalization and have therefore taken all necessary steps to ensure a complete hassle free stay with us. Relatives are allowed to stay with the patients in their cabins itself so that they may feel at home during the treatment.”

“Keeping in mind the food habits of the people from the East, we even have dedicated Bengali Chef’s to serve them apart from having translators to help ease the process of communication with the medical staff” continued Malakar.

“Why, for our patients from Bangladesh, we have a full travel desk to assist them with their VISA related  or their need to exchange foreign currencies.”

“The idea is to provide the latest medical services, backed by state of the art infrastructure and the support of the most revered medical practitioners at the most competitive price points all the while making the stay with us as homely and glitch less as possible.

Add to these the fact that VIMS offers packages at extremely attractive price points and the situation is a virtual win-win for the patients. “Don’t go by what I am telling you” says an obviously proud Malakar, “take a look at our patient testimonials. All the kind words of appreciation and the blessings had to be earned with sheer hard work and dedication.”

And now Malakar is about embark on a voyage of last mile connectivity. “We want to open information centers in every block of West Bengal so that we are able to reach out to the patients and make the entire process to VIMS and back as seamlessly integrated as possible. The idea is to take the hassle out of hospitalization and introduce as many ailing patients to VIMS care as possible.”

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  • This is indeed great news for the poor and the suffering. all kudos to Mr Malakar for his efforts. May God bless Bengal with more such sons so that we may have more dedicated institutions like this.
    I will also congratulate you guys at Core Sector for highlighting this news item. Please give us more about the institution and the services it offers. Real life stories from the patients will also be a good read.

  • Sir,
    Do you have packages for knee replacement? Will you also help with the travel arrangements? what is your help desk number?
    Will appreciate if you reply.

  • The part about medical tourism – especially the plan to reach out to the patients in the districts is very exciting. Apart from the obvious benefits to the patients,it also has the potential of being an employment generator at the grassroots.will keenly await further developments on this.
    Mr Malakar keep it up. You are on the right track!