Wooden Doll festival of Natungram, Bardhaman to kickoff from Jan 15-17, 2016

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We may not be familiar with the name Natungram but we surely are familiar with the iconic Wooden Owl of Natungram. This craft can be seen as an adornment at a village festivals and a swanky living room alike. Natungram is celebrating its village festival from Jan 15-17, 2016. A visitor at the festival can experience the simple lifestyle of the wooden doll makers and get acquainted with their craft and their making process. A chance to spend a few days of stay at an artists house enjoying the splendour of the rural life in their picturesque village beside river Ganga is an added bonus. The festival is being organised by the artists’ society Swami Janaki Das Natungram Kasthakhodai Hastashilpi Samity. The Department MSME&T, Government of West Bengal in association with UNESCO is developing Natungram as one of the Rural Craft Hubs of West Bengal to support the artists to reach national and international markets. Visitors can stay with the artists or can book nearby hotels and lodges.
Programme Schedule: Mela starts from 11 AM on Jan 15 and closes at 5 PM on Jan 17. Folk performances will be held on Jan 15 and 16 from 6-9 PM.
How to reach: Nearest railway station is Agradwip or Katwa. It is about 1.5 hours drive from Bardhaman or Santiniketan and 4 hours from Kolkata.
To visit, contact:  
Kolkata – Moumita (8420106396), Nirmalya (9903038904)
Natugram – Nimai (9735185052), Bijoy (7872214736), Dilip (9333386501)


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