Carpe Diem – the story of the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC)

bescWalk into the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) on any given day of the year – chances are, you will stumble upon one event or the other, often more than one exploding concurrently with clockwork precision and nonchalant shrugs of students exhaling a quiet confidence.  For, BESC is undoubtedly the most happening campus that there is: a modern day version of the cornucopia of yore that never runs dry, of events that is. And what a rich spread it is that welcomes the BESC students (often open to students of other colleges as well) – from delving deep into the soft nuances of Ghalib’s poetry to the stringing of words in Communiqué. From voluntary  Blood Donation and Stem Cell mapping to a Dhamaal of an evening that invokes the divine in  transcendental meditation through ritualistic dance. From workshops on Ethical Hacking, factory visits in India (and abroad) to courses that provide a comprehensive mastery over Tally; even as students seek to comprehend the essence of Gandhiji’s teachings through Drama. The list, literally, is endless. And for the benefit of the unbelievers, the naysayers and the uninitiated, BESC also hosts one of the biggest College Fests, in, hold your breath, Asia – Umang!

“Academically we are at par with the best that there is in terms of facilities” says Miraj Shah, the young and

Miraj Shah
Miraj Shah

dynamic man at the helm, wielding the proverbial magic wand. “Where we differ, is in our desire and ability to provide hands-on exposure to our students across the spectrum of consciousness. The idea is to cater to the areas of their interest, expose them to those who dominate the respective domains, so that the students can chase the dreams that fire their imagination. We are neither in the business of doling out degrees, nor, is it our mission to just turn boys into men – we are here to provide opportunities for our students to embrace and to help them get back on to their feet, when they stumble or fall.”

Laughs Prof. Dilip Shah, the Dean of Student Affairs – the architect behind most of the revolutionary changes that BESC has, or is introducing to rock the very foundations of the education system “When my students organise a Fest, they are, in effect learning what the curriculum expects us to teach them – Budgeting, Planning, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Communication. And believe you me, it is much easier to let them discover the subjects they are supposed to learn about, on the job, than to force the same down their throat in the classroom. The key is in the interaction they are exposed to – guidance of their teachers and invited industry experts with leads to empowerment as opposed to just education, which in turn fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship.” Adds Miraj Shah, “our students are future ready for industry and the life beyond the campus. It is not about what students learn in college, but more about what they know when the step out”.

Prof. Dilip Shah

And “learn” students are, that too in style.  BESC is a Smart Campus – WiFi enabled, with an astonishingly high level of bandwidth consumption and an equally mind-boggling smart phone penetration per capita. The team that is spearheading the Sponsorship collection efforts for Umang, for example, has had their corporate look crafted by designers while their presentation and inter-personal skills have been honed by experts in respected fields. “Like I was saying”, continues Miraj Shah, “the focus of the exercise is not on the result, but more on the way. It is not about how much our students are successful in raising, but more about giving them an opportunity to hold their own in the highest echelons of Corporate India”. Elaborates Prof Shah, “Brand Associations, EyeBall retention, footfall conversions, ROI, brand salience, disposable incomes, student consumption patterns, benefit matrix  – if you can talk Corporate-se to the captains of the corporate world and convince them about the efficacies of your product, the war is won. And that is what BESC aims to arm its students with. It is a learning exercise and students who go through the grind of fire, like gold, come out purer.”

Education in BESC is an enabler, as opposed to something that students are expected to imbibe. And it is exactly this thought and the courage of the authorities to walk the talk that differentiates a BE-ite from his / her peers. The quiet confidence, with which these young men and women approach any given task – their body language and the inherent faith in themselves that they exude; being the stamp of approval that they carry. May their tribe increase!

About the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC)

BESC provides a solid campus experience in the heart of Calcutta, with temperature controlled and wi-fi enabled classrooms, free surfing stations interspersed throughout campus, a spacious cafeteria and common rooms with indoor games facilities. BESC boasts of a well-stocked library, with nearly 15,000 holdings and several internet-enabled computers, designed to meet all the students’ research needs and more.


BESC constantly strives to grow and impart learning-focused education through the introduction of new, cutting-edge courses recognised by the University of Calcutta. The Institution is especially committed to girl students, and believes in inculcating community engagement, imparting soft skills, fostering creative thinking, and empowering all pupils with leadership skills that will stand them in good stead not only in the competitive and constantly changing environment of the global job-market and workplace, but also help them become leaders within their respective communities.


At BESC, the stress is on creating leaders committed to excellence, and responsible citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities. BESC students not only go on to pursue higher education and find placements in excellent global companies, but have also consistently proved to be brilliant entrepreneurs.

Story – Expressions Group, BESC

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